Opinion: Defence cuts threaten US-UK partnership, says Robert Gates – Telegraph-John Gelmini

English: The X-51A WaveRider hypersonic flight...

English: The X-51A WaveRider hypersonic flight test vehicle was uploaded to an Air Force Flight Test Center B-52 for fit testing at Edwards Air Force Base on July 17. Two B-52 flights, one captive carriage and one dress rehearsal, are planned this fall prior to the X-51’s first Mach 6 plus scramjet flight over the Pacific Ocean scheduled in December. The Air Force Research Laboratory, DARPA, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, and Boeing are partnering on the X-51A technology demonstrator program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twice in the last century, we in the UK, were nearly starved to death by German E-boats and then U-boats.

Now, we import about 75% of our food, lack even a coastal protection vessel, have aircraft carriers with no aircraft on them, and will soon have a Tri Forces of less than 100,000 men and woman. We are in a position where we cannot defend our sea lanes because our navy is too small and are proposing to sack another 3000 soldiers who are fully trained and replace them with reservists. All this at a time, when we cannot find enough reservists to replace them.

In terms of power capacity, we have just 4% over requirements and lack the ability to defend our power stations against terrorist attack or defend the Port of Felixstowe through which the bulk of our meager exports flow.

The Chinese have just tested a hyper-sonic jet which could render the defense systems of every nation on earth obsolete and reset the global calculations of nuclear diplomacy. It also makes a nonsense of any thought the West might have had of “containing them” or winning “Air Sea Battle” easily. Both those strategies have now been rendered obsolete along with the UK,s ability to play a role in them. The aircraft tested under intensive secrecy has been named WU-14 by the Pentagon and is designed to hit targets anywhere on the planet with nuclear or conventional weapons before warning systems and anti missile systems could react. As with fighting and storming robots, exoskeletons and their ability to attack satellites in space Western military sources said in Beijing that China’s apparent progress had come”very much sooner than expected”. China is also thought to be building a hyper-sonic aircraft that could be launched from a bomber before flying at speeds of up to Mach 10 using supersonic combustion ramjet or scramjet technology. The speed of the WU-14 was between 6084 and 9127 mph as opposed to Concorde’s top speed of 1350 mph and a bullet from an US Army rifle of 1969 mph. Only the Americans have anything better than this (Boing X-51 Waverider) and their budgets are being cut as China’s grows.

It really is now time that David Cameron, and others living in the past, came to terms with the fact that we are no longer a “Great Power” who people listen to in the “Councils of the World”, which can “punch above our weight” or make the traffic lights stop. We lack the money thanks to the wholesale theft of our resources by those behind the bankers, to be anything other than a small country on the edge of Europe run in the Prussian image by Angela Merkel. Now the days when we could rely on the Americans to save us when life got difficult or on the “Empire” have now gone as Robert Gates has told us. We should reappraise our role in the world, become a neutral tax haven, jettison the Scots, the Northern Irish, the Welsh and the descendants of Michael Ango the Cornish patriot or anyone else who dislikes rule from Westminster/wants independence and regain control of our borders.That done, we should then concentrate like Singapore on business, sovereign wealth ,productivity and exports whilst getting rid of those outmoded institutions which hold us back. Our military should become what it now is a self-defense force and people, especially the BBC and the metropolitan elite should stop pretending, and stop wallowing in nostalgia for things that to quote the line from the epic film “Gone with the Wind.”

John Gelmini

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I disagree with Senator McCain on US policy on Syria – John Gelmini

English: John McCain official photo portrait.

English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his blog entitled “Obama to halt attack if Syria destroys chemical weapons – FT.com“, Dr Alf  indicated that he agreed with Senator McCain who said that “Congress should vote for air strikes in order to “give the president additional leverage to press Russia and Syria to make good on their proposal”.

Here is my own view.

Senator McCain has been in favor of every war that America has been involved in since he was shot down as an air-force pilot over Vietnam and imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton for five years.

Syria will not destroy its chemical weapons and has every incentive to hang onto them if America is going to order cruise missile strikes anyway. Giving these chemical weapons up does not strengthen Assad’s hand; it weakens it because by keeping them, he has a card to play and in the event of a Western attack some of the stockpiles could be hit causing death through chemical weapons unintentionally.

The Pentagon knew years ago that they would need at least 75,000 troops to invade Syria and has already planned for that eventuality as other troops from Turkey and France would make up the balance of the invasion force.

Matters will not end with cruise missile strikes and Assad, brutal dictator that he is, has a right to defend his country from outside attack.

If the West kills him and all his followers it then means it has to find a strong leader to replace him who is our puppet and will crush the Al Qaeda related elements such as Al Nusra who are our sworn enemies and who wish to create a Caliphate across the entire world controlled by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Russia does not want to lose the Port of Tartus and cannot be seen to back down easily.

Air strikes against Syria will not make them more compliant as Senator McCain seems to think, but it will make them angry and give them an incentive to create trouble for us at a later stage. It will lead to a much wider Middle East war, casualties on a much larger scale than the chemical attack at Gouta, higher oil prices, Europe and America tipped back into recession and the advancement of Wahibi style Islamic terrorism to our detriment.

China, similarly will not forget and will in its own time, which could be decades later, make the West pay. One of their Generals put it this way “We nurse our sense of grievance and wait”.

Unlike Dr Alf, with whom I usually agree, I think that we should mind our own business and attend to our own problems. This is because as General Martin Dempsey, America’s top general said before he was leaned on, “Attacking Syria leaves us with no good options and is not in America’s best interests”.

John Gelmini

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