Opinion – The United States and Turkey should fix their relationship – Brookings

Here’s a strongly recommended read from international think-tank, the Brookings Institute. As I read the article, I thought that once again, US foreign policy has missed the strategic objective. Like Iraq, US involvement in Syria has been enormously costly but the end-game is far from clear. For a while, Russia looked to be out-foxing the US but the real strategic winner in the Middle East seems to be Iran. Turkey’s continued   strategic importance to the US is questionable and probably directly proportional to Turkey’s capacity to curtail Iran’s geopolitical influence. Thoughts?

Can Russia Defuse the Contribution with Iran – Jeresusalem Post

Here’s a reflective article from the Jeresusalem Post, considering Russia’s capacity and desire to curtail military aggression from both Iran and Israel. The article cites subject experts. The thrust of the article is broadly worrying. Because Iran is on the winning side, it argues that she’s claiming her right to a continued presence in Syria. But Iran military build up in Syria is a direct strategic threat to Israel. The weekend’s escalation risks triggering an escaltion to war, which could quickly become regional. Without effective intervention, war looks inevitable. I question whether US or Russian intervention will be more effective with Iran?