Some of Marilyn and Alf’s best photos in Prague

Looking back over some of our most popular travel blogs, I think this is worth a read

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Česky: Pohled na Vltavu z centra Prahy. Mánesů... Česky: Pohled na Vltavu z centra Prahy. Mánesův most, Karlův most, Most legií, Jiráskův most, Palackého most a oblouk železničního mostu pod Vyšehradem. English: View of Vltava in the Prague city center. Deutsch: Blick auf Moldau in der Prager Innenstadt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out the link below for some of Marilyn & Alf’s best photos whilst visiting Prague

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10 Ways National Geographic Has Changed the World – News Watch – National Geographic

This is an impressive, MUST READ article ftom the National Geographic. Check it out!

via 10 Ways National Geographic Has Changed the World – News Watch.

For me, these are all excellent causes.

If you too believe in these causes perhaps you might want to share the National Geographic article?

Any thoughts?

National Geographic (magazine)

National Geographic (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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