Fellow travellers: Russia, anti-Westernism, and Europe’s political parties | European Council on Foreign Relations

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Council on Foreign Relations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a must-read this weekend if your interested in politics. The European Council on Foreign Relations suggest that anti-Western elements, exploitable by the Kremlin, exist not only on the fringes of European politics, but reach right into the heart of established parties.

Source: Fellow travellers: Russia, anti-Westernism, and Europe’s political parties | European Council on Foreign Relations

This is a comprehensive analysis of Europe’s political parties and particularly those that might be susceptable to Russian influence. It reminds us both of the cultural and national variations in Europe, plus the huge political spectrum.

Of course, this article is timely, with the massive focus on the Trump teams dealings with Russia. But in the UK, attention is again centred on the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn and whether Russia might be ready to help him to power.


Opinion – Theresa May braced for a fall as Brexit tests loom – FT – John Gelmini

The “default option” of May remaining is not an option at all because the longer she remains the worse the situation with the EU will get and the more unpopular the Conservatives will become.

The Conservatives need to mobilise the 1922 Committee and advance someone black and telegenic, like Kwazi Kwarteng, the “Big Beasts” all have the whiff of death about them and are all frankly past it and not trusted to boot.

There is no need for another election but there is a need for a new leader, the selloff of Channel 4 which is very left wing and the privatisation of the BBC. They both need to be neutralised by taking them out of the equation and ensuring that they cannot keep setting the agenda.

With a new Prime Minister, who would appeal to the young, Jeremy Corbyn would find it hard to compete with him and many of his followers would find the “Uncle Tom” label rather difficult to pin on that new Prime Minister.

The shadowy far left members of Momentum that Dr Alf frets about and Len McClusky’s trade unionists would then be torn between their own ideology and the new reality of a young ethnic minority, educated Prime Minister who can take them on and never had a silver spoon in his mouth.

John Gelmini