Iraq, Syria and jihadism: The will and the way | The Economist

English: Iraq–Syria locator map for bilateral ...

English: Iraq–Syria locator map for bilateral relations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important lead article from the Economist. Check it out!

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Once again, this article highlights that President Obama has not done his homework. He only listens to public opinion and a kitchen cabinet of “yes” people. For me, Obama’s vision of the Middle East since taking office was based on prejudice and bias. It’s his misguided views on political Islam that have created this mess. This blog focuses on strategy and is particularly critical of Obama’s “so-called” strategy. Obama went from “no strategy” to “strategy for defeating ISIS” but no where is there an effective foreign policy and military policy for addressing the political, social and economic crisis in the Middle East – this crisis was precipitated when Obama prematurely withdrew US troops from Iraq. Whilst I am no supporter of Turkey’s leadership nor many of her policies, at least, Turkey is trying to force Obama to declare a cohesive strategy.

I worry that both Obama and Kerry are completely out of their depth. On the one hand, there is a risk of terrorists becoming a World force, including securing weapons of mass destruction. On the other hand, there is the risk of provoking World War III.

Overall, the problem is caused by Obama’s weakness and biased judgement. He’s weak in the eyes of the Islamists to whom he has been trying to reach out. On the global scale, Russia, China and Iran are all feeding off Obama’s weakness, creating new geopolitical tensions.  Also Obama has turned on the US’s only true ally in the Middle East, namely Israel.

It looks like Kobani has been abandoned by the US & Turkey to ISIS. History will judge both countries harshly for the loss of more Kurdish blood.


Osborne has now been proved wrong on austerity – Martin Wolf

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This is an excellent, MUST-READ article by leading financial journalist, Martin Wolf, writing in the FT.

via Osborne has now been proved wrong on austerity – Martin Wolf

The reality that the economic management of the UK under David Cameron  has been an omni-shambles must be sold to the masses ahead of the next election, in my view. Conservative Vs. Labour economic management will be the pivotal issue in the next election, in my judgement.

Because of excessive authority, most people, especially the middle and lower classes have suffered unnecessary financial hardship. The main beneficiaries under Osborne have been the very high earners and very seriously wealthy.

Let me turn this to an open question:

Why has the popular media not focused more on the unnecessary pain caused by Osborne’s excessive austerity?

Any thoughts?

DALIAN/CHINA, 12SEPT09 - Martin Wolf, Associat... DALIAN/CHINA, 12SEPT09 – Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, The…

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