Brexit supporters have unleashed furies even they can’t control | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian

Leading left-wing journalist, Polly Toynbee, in a passionate article in the Guardian, talks of the risks of a Nazi government after Brexit. She claims that a leave vote will not solve people’s problems, and those feeling betrayed will lurch even further into racism and xenophobia.

Source: Brexit supporters have unleashed furies even they can’t control | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian

I don’t always agree with Polly Toynbee’s politics or her style of writing but this is a strongly recommended read. It gives some excellent insights into the fears of traditional Labour supporters, especially in relation to immigration.


Beyond Polly Toynbee’s narrow view on the Labour Party – John Gelmini

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On the narrow point that Polly Toynbee makes I have to agree with Dr Alf.

This does not mean that I think the Labour Party has coherent and strategically sound economic policies or that I agree with the efficacy of Coalition policies under the “Undynamic duo”,Messrs Cameron and Osborne.

The Coalition’s policies represent one club golfing in that there is:

— No real effort to cut public sector costs or effect reform

— No action on the UK‘s lack of productivity, now 20th in the world

— No concerted action on corporation tax and competitiveness

— Insufficient action on export led growth

—  Insufficient money for R and D

— A failure to improve State Education fast enough

— No real attempt to bring in Sovereign wealth

— A failure to act to secure:

  • Energy Supplies
  • Food self-sufficiency
  • Our Defence
  • Our Borders

The opposition’s policies fail to address these problems as well and both fail to address the biggest question of all which is how is the UK going to pay its way in the future unless we start to make and sell enough of the things that people want.

Secondly , what is the UK’s role in the world to be?

A member of the EU?

  1. A member of the EU with repatriated powers?
  2. A member of EFTA?
  3. An independent offshore tax haven modeled on the best aspects of Switzerland and Singapore and with public expenditure dramatically reduced,lower population and a total and unremitting focus on prosperity,, jobs, growth and minding our own business?

This last scenario given the rundown of our armed forces our low productivity, our imbalanced economy and our inability to even afford a coastal protection vessel makes the most sense but under Miliband, Cameron and Osborne (the UK version of the “Three Stooges“)it is always going to be Option 1 plus a tendency to publicly lecture others and engage in foreign military intervention when we have neither the military power,money or public appetite to do so.

John Gelmini 

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