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English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference

English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf has come up with an accurate prognosis.

Having seen both the Chinese and Indians in operation it is clear to me that China has a plan and is determined to carry it out at warp speed.

100 years of development of infrastructure is being compressed into a decade in China; everyone eats; 650 million people are being taught English; and 25 million new jobs are being created every year.

They might not be jobs that Dr Alf or most of the readers of his blog might want to do but they are jobs which raise the living standards of the people who do them.

When it comes to foreign investment the Chinese know how to attract it and have managed to close a technology gap with the West of 20 years within just 4 years.

The money which this represents is not lying idle it is buying up companies in Europe, America and Australia, building shareholdings in companies like Peugeot and buying key infrastructure like the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk and the infrastructure company which owns and operates the London Underground.

Much of Africa is feeling their presence as well and they are mining $6 trillion US dollars worth of lithium and copper in Afghanistan.

In Wuxi as far back as 2011 I saw the outline plans the Chinese have to capture more of the global IT/BPO outsourcing market and overtake India which has 60% of this market by 2020.

In Central America, they are building a rival to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua and they are buying up vast acreages of land on which to grow food in Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil because they believe that the world is cooling rather than warming.

India, in addition to the inequalities of income (billionaires at one end and starving “Slumdogs” at the other), has a caste system and so much corruption that when surveyed Indian business people said that the people they would find hardest to deal with were themselves.

South Korea, Cyber City in Malaysia, Singapore and the USA know how to attract inward investment in a way that Modi with all his speech-making could not dream about but when it comes to getting things done he should learn from China and Germany.

John Gelmini

Opinion-George Osborne in China–wide-eyed innocent & deeply ignorant|Will Hutton-ex Guardian – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right but Will Hutton of the Guardian just fulminates without proposing any solutions.

Someone had to go to China if David Cameron did not go, if only to raise Sovereign Wealth funds for infrastructure such as roads and airports.

Getting the Chinese to build nuclear power stations, invest in companies that are going to deliver renewable energy and letting them own the Port of Felixstowe, through which 50% of our imports and physical exports flow is not strategically sensible, so Hutton is right about that.

The comments he makes about Tibet may very well be true but how he feels after lunching well in El Vino and having lambasted the Chinese in public is going to further annoy the Chinese and make them hold up even more job creating trade.

These things should be talked about behind closed doors and only when our hands are clean which after Iraq, they are not.

The organisation which Will Hutton works for has promoted policies which have rendered the UK un-competitive and which have brought about our present position of weakness even without the help of Cameron and Osborne.

If Osborne is ignorant about economic matters then Will Hutton and Guardian Media Group(GMG) need to look at their own double standards:
–Railing against Tesco and other multinationals for tax avoidance and then GMG doing exactly the same thing
–Lambasting the Chinese as hackers and tramplers on of human rights yet being quite happy to buy and use their products and entertain and make money from a self-confessed traitor and leaker of records Edward Snowden
–“Feeling ashamed” as Osborne and Boris Johnson try to raise investment and drum up business in China but feeling no shame whatsoever about advocating deeply damaging policies which have lost people jobs and are continuing to lose us jobs and policies such as opposing nuclear power, airport building and fracking which will see the lights go out and further emasculate us
–Opposing farmers and being indifferent to their plight (5000 bankruptcies a year and up to 150 suicides) and then complaining about high food prices

Like Will Hutton, I feel ashamed too, but I feel that way because people like Will Hutton who should be doing what he can to make the country more competitive and prosperous is like too many others promoting policies which if left unchecked will turn us into a 3rd world country.

John Gelmini

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