Prague update – recommended goulash & dumplings to French tourists – Best Blogs Series

This evening we had dinner in an authentic restaurant in Prague – the prices are incredibly good value, especially compared to Frankfurt which is reported to be one of the most expensive cities in Germany.

To digress a bit, last night Marilyn couldn’t stop laughing at my choice of dinner in Frankfurt – a local Frankfurt delicacy – boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and a sauce made of seven plus herbs – I can now understand why it didn’t get national or international recognition 🙂

Returning to Prague, we chose local specialities this evening, including pickled fish to start, washed down with a half a litre of the local brew, with goulash and two sorts of dumplings to follow! We got into conversation with three people on the next table – they were from Lille and they took up our recommendations.

Afterwards, we started to walk around the old part of Prague to get our bearings, as this is our first time in Prague.

It has been a long day. First thing this morning, we had to get a puncture fixed in Frankfurt – we are certainly glad that it happened in Frankfurt – our hotel insisted on somebody helping change the wheel and sending a member of staff with us to the tyre shop – German hospitality can really be exceptional!  We finally left Frankfurt about eleven this morning and stopped just east of Nuremberg for a coffee and a sandwich before heading each for Prague. The five-hour drive from Frankfurt to Prague was pretty uneventful except for the Satnav playing up a bit – it kept on trying to suggest off-road options to bypass the autobahn repairs.

The other thing to mention about Prague is that it’s really hot and pretty humid, with many people wandering round in shorts, T-shirts and sandals – all a far cry from our fleeces and waterproofs in Brugge on Saturday.

Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll do a bit of serious sightseeing.

End of a great day in Prague – a Gershwin concert in the Spanish Synagogue followed by pizza – Marilyn and Alf

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Prague - Spanish Synagogue Prague – Spanish Synagogue (Photo credit: discopalace)

Following our first full day in Prague, we went to an excellent Gershwin concert in the famous Spanish Synagogue.

The concert included a number of old favorites like:

The Spanish Synagogue was built in 1868 on the site of the Prague Jewish house of prayer (“the Od Shul“). It was designed in a Moorish style with a large dome surrounding the central space, with amazing stained glass windows. The interior decoration features stylized Islamic motifs which are applied to the walls, door and the gallery. 

Prior to the concert we got into a lively discussion, swapping travel tales, with a couple of New Yorkers, now living in Colorado – they gave us some tips for avoiding altitude sickness (for another adventure).

Finally, we rounded the evening off with some excellent…

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