Opinion – Trump’s Bluster on the Opioid Epedemic – Editorial – NYT

Here’s a good editorial from the NYT. Simply, Trump is way behind the curve of America’s opioid epidemic. Of course, conservatives and liberals have vastly different views on the most appropriate intervention strategy. Liberals argue that the state should provide effective treatment more readily. Whereas, conservatives focus on the law and order aspects and expect the addict’s family to step in to help. The big rub is that the quality of treatment often depends on family income/wealth. Thoughts?

Opinion – Why Gun Culture is So Strong in Rural America – Op Ed – Robert Leonard – NYT


Here’s an outstanding must-read, op-ed, written by Robert Leonard, published in the NYT. It’s examines brilliantly the arguments for and against guns in America. There’s a fascinating insight into the ‘conservative American‘, passionate about individualism and individual responsibility, anchored in traditional Christian values. Most importantly, Robert Leonard highlights how the Democrat Party has abandoned traditional working class people in rural America. It’s a fascinating analysis. Thoughts?