Comparison of construction downturns – ONS

These statistics from the UK’s ONS are WELL WORTH A READ. Check it out!

Comparison of construction downturns – ONS.

However, I think that the explanation for the construction industry‘s exceptional weakness in this downturn is wrong. The construction industry has been savaged because of excessive austerity and large banks not functioning effectively.

To turn this to a positive open question:

Is the UK going too see a construction boom on the back of government guarantees for home loans?

Any thoughts?

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FTSE joins in rally as US and Asia show resilience – Telegraph

FTSE 100 graph modified

Image by Phil Gyford via Flickr

Investors have started the year with an optimistic outlook. Check out the following for reasons:

FTSE joins in rally as US and Asia show resilience – Telegraph.

Personally, I have always found market behaviour fascinating with everybody trying to out-guess everybody else. I love Lord Keynes explanation:

Investors try to outdo each other and pass the bad or depreciating Half Crown on the next person.