Opinion – The Slaughter of Children in Yemen – by the Editorial Board – New York Times

English: Saudi Arabia

English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a powerful editorial, the NYT warns that if the Saudis don’t want to be on the blacklist of forces that harm children, they should seek an end to the destruction in Yemen.

Once again, the United Nations looks to be heavily biased, spineless and likely to be bullied by Saudi Arabia, her allies and military backers, especially the US – we can expect the UK government to support Saudi interests too, desperate to protect sales of military equipment, as the UK faces Brexit’s black hole.

The Yemini Civil War  which started in 2015 still rages but is a stalemate according to the NYT. The NYT concludes that it’s necessary to publicly shame Saudi Arabia and her sponsor, the US, and bring an end to unconscionable slaughter of innocents.

It’s worth taking a look at the countries involved. The Houthi rebels receive weapons and training from Iran, and military support from Al Quaeda and ISIS. The Saudi coalition is sponsored by the US and includes eight Arab league countries (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain). Once again, there’s evidence of Obama’s disasterous foreign interventions. Whilst Obama had deeply troubled relations with Saudi Arabia because of his Iranian interventions, President Trump has declared strong support for Saudi Arabia.

British politicians are duplicitous too. Theresa May’s Conservative Government support Saudi Arabia and turn a blind eye to the slaughter. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn‘s, Far-Left  infested Labour Party, passionate advocates of Palestinian causes are also apparently sitting on their hands.

Let me ask an open question:

If the biased UN can’t stand up to the bullying of the Arab League, perhaps it’s time to disband the UN? Otherwise, UN weakness risks precipitating a wider Middle East War?




Opinion – Yazidi Islamic – State Kidnapping Victim Decribes Nine Days of Horror – SPIEGEL ONLINE – John Gelmini

English: President Barack Obama delivers a pol...

English: President Barack Obama delivers a policy address on events in the Middle East and North Africa at the State Department. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greater Middle East

Greater Middle East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf speaks of it being time to “revisit President Obama’s Middle East strategy”.

Sadly, one cannot revisit something which didn’t exist in the first place, even assuming that the patrician, useless and out of his depth, President Obama, was capable of dreaming one up in the first instance.

The so called “strategy” for the Middle East is based on an idea called “The Arc of Crisis”, which is a mental construct of the proponents of the Project For a New American Century and the Bilderberg Group.

It is a doctrine which calls for a Balkanised and exploitable Middle East riven by war, internecine strife and presenting opportunities to destabilize troublesome regimes, and sell arms whilst plundering oil wealth.

The problem is that countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar (all allegedly funders of ISIS), would like to create a Global Caliphate, which is why they are funding the Wahibi sect and a massive program of mosque building all over the world but particularly in the UK, Europe, the USA, Sri Lanka and the Far East.

Within these mosques and in Muslim schools, the terrorists of tomorrow are being radicalized, brainwashed and transformed into the next group of ISIS, Korosan and lookalike beheaders, rapists, crucifiers and torturers.

As each group expands, like inkspots, they merge until they become progressively larger until their desired Endgame which is nothing less than a Global Caliphate.

The Bilderbergers and their fellow travelers in the march towards a New World Order, have been copied and with their higher birthrate Muslims will outnumber Westerners and some host populations within a matter of 30 years or less.

Those who preach “multiculturalism ” in the UK and Europe are guilty of falling into this trap.

The line must be drawn in the sand now. President Obama must be replaced sooner rather than later and our vacuous leaders need to take firm action to deal with the threat before people are forced to take matters into their own hands as the Dutch motorcycle gangs are already beginning to do by coming to the aid of the Kurds.

John Gelmini