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Religious and ethnic hatred is top of the five greatest dangers in the World, according to Pew Research. If you look at the chart you will see that religious and ethnic hatred is a particularly acute risk in the UK.

via Greatest Dangers in the World | Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project.

The UK is a tolerant and liberal society, with strong foundation of Judeo-Christian values. Now that political Islam has become a powerful force, religious and ethnic hatred is reported as the number one danger in the UK.


Opinion – Britain facing ‘greatest terrorist threat’ in history – Telegraph – John Gelmini

The outer skin of World Trade Center Tower Two...

The outer skin of World Trade Center Tower Two that remained standing after an Islamist terrorist attack orchestrated by Al-Qaeda. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf says he looks forward to new anti terrorism measures to deal with ISIS and presumably radicalized Muslims.

Sadly, what we will get are measures that inconvenience ordinary people but that do nothing to deal with the real problem which is a cancer in our midst.

Radical Muslims and fanatics are easy enough to spot and the first place to look is in mosques and Islamic schools not at holidaymaking grandmothers from Bolton or Hertfordshire who wouldn’t know a Koran if they saw one.

The passports of radicalized Muslims need to be revoked and those promoting jihad, death to kuffors, unbelievers and apostates arrested, tried and convicted for sedition.

Anyone calling for a Caliphate to rule over the West or any part of the country such as the ISIS apologists in Tower Hamlets who unfurled ISIS banners in a council estate are guilty of treason.

The 1318 Treason Act which is still on the statute book gives us the tools to deal with traitors and those who imagine that they are engaged in Holy War.

We do not need new legislation, just the mental toughness to stop pussyfooting around with radicalized Islamites.


John Gelmini