The US Military’s Rape Culture by Naomi Wolf – Project Syndicate

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This is an excellent article written by Naomi Wolf and published by Project Syndicate. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for a read. Check it out!

via The US Military’s Rape Culture by Naomi Wolf – Project Syndicate.

Personally, I struggle with feminism as a world-view. With well-established political views, I believe that philosophically, I’m a pragmatist, so I also struggle with the concept of rape culture. To be clear, I believe that rape is a crime and should be severely punished within the legal system.

As I reflected on the article, my mind drifted to an aside. I agree with John Gelmini’s view, expressed on this blog, that there are not enough good male role models in modern Western society.

This leads me to an interesting open question:

Has Western society gone soft and is it exposed to too much pressure from feminism?

Any thoughts?

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