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Like Dr Alf I worry because May seems to talk as though she has a full hand of cards but does not recognise when those on the other side of the desk are stonewalling and in effect waiting for her to be toppled.

Practically all the decisions she has made have been the wrong ones, the calling of an unnecessary election, it being called during term time when younger people could vote, changing the manifesto to make her own natural supporters angry and taking too long to do nothing to prepare the country for BREXIT.

Preparing the country for BREXIT should have meant not having an election, BBC privatisation, selling off Channel 4 and abolishing the House of Lords whilst replacing it with a Senate of 200 people who actually do some work. Also it should have meant Boundary Commission changes to reduce MP numbers and reshaping the tax system to lower corporation taxes, increase writing down allowances and make inward investment and exporting attractive activities.

Instead she has squandered all of that opportunity and will soon be out of a job once the 1922 Committee wake up to the fact that in the BREXIT negotiations she and Davis are getting nowhere and are conceding everything.

First you create “facts on the ground” then you talk from strength but with May she talks from weakness but pretends its strength.

To turn the situation around, the Conservatives probably need to skip a generation and replace the Cabinet and May with fresher much younger faces, rather than the ageing has beens like Davis, Fox and Damian Green.

Until this is done the BBC who screen Glastonbury and most of the major pop concerts will continue to allow Corbyn and Momentum to electioneer and reach out to younger and middle aged voters at these events whilst at the same time pretending that they are reporting impartially.

The Conservatives have at least two very effective Black MPs and should try to bring at least one of them forward; instead they talk up “Spreadsheet Phil” as a caretaker Prime Minister and allow Priti Patel to tell ‘porkies’ to Robert Peston, as she did on Sunday in the most barefaced display of dissembling body language and words. Robert Peston uncharacteristically told her that what people didn’t like in their politicians was out and out lying but this squanderer of foreign aid money persisted whilst Robert Peston’s reddening cheeks belied his barely concealed anger at this brazen woman.

I suspect that if things go on as they are the EU negotiations will fail and yes the Conservative Party could easily split into two whilst Labour /Momentum will push out all moderate elements because at the moment Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t need them.

Boris the ageing young pretender to the poisoned chalice of UK Prime Ministership is waiting in the wings but like May dithers too long and may have missed his chance; Rudd is hopeless so the Conservatives for once in their lives need to be really bold.

Harold MacMillan used to talk about “events” and by implication how leaders rise to the challenge they represent. May has had the Grenfell fire and failed to rise to the challenge. We have had radical Muslims on the rampage but again no robust action follows the fine speeches. We have had the train drivers dispute now dragging on for its 3rd year but again like Nero, she fiddles whilst “Rome burns”. Now we have yet another cyber attack from either the Russian GRU or the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army’s 5 million cyber warriors with May saying and doing precisely nothing. This latest cyber attack once again reveals our national weakness and the contempt with which Russia, China or whoever it was this time views our ability to counter asymetric warfare. This time it was MP’s mailboxes but next time it could be logistics chains which ensure food supplies get to where they are needed or our major ports but affecting exports only.

As things stand the BREXIT negotiations are doomed to failure and we may well find ourselves in the EU for years to come unless it implodes under the weight of Greek, Italian and Portuguese debt.

In the meantime, the DUP who have already done a backroom deal with the Irish Government can sit pretty until May goes and her successor moves into the very shaky “Box seat”.

Dr Alf is right, we need radical political solutions to stop a revolutionary, radical Far-Left government.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Why left-wing bias at the BBC is a myth – John Gelmini

English: British journalist Robert Peston, mid...

English: British journalist Robert Peston, mid-interview in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right to be skeptical, particularly about Robert Peston, who has to look to his laurels now that a licensing review is due and even Ed Miliband has said that “there is no new money”.

The BBC wants an attractive settlement and its reporters parrot Labour party policy vis-a-vis local authority spending, central government spending, policies on Gay marriage and the NHS.

The BBC is very hard on landlords, as evidenced by an interview of Britain’s biggest buy to let landlord, versus Labour Party policy which is to regulate landlords, bring in more local authority control, cap rents and favor tenants who as a breed tend to vote for socialist policies at the expense of everyone else.

Look at the BBC’s strategic management and Programming Directorate and you will find it packed with former Labour Cabinet Ministers, like James Purnell. on salaries well north of £200,000 gbp a year.

Similar bias towards politicians outside of the Labour Party can be observed in the interviewing styles used, the use of NLP style hand gestures, facial expressions and body language, which are all designed to rubbish those persons being interviewed, whilst pretending to the viewing public that all is well and that the process is fair.

Watch Question Time and you can see these techniques being employed by Dimbleby, who 20 years later, still cannot persuade anyone to give him a knighthood.

Watch Panorama and you see a pattern whereby people like Donald Trump are rubbished while full platform is given to Alex Salmond a former Labour Party member under the late John Smith MP.

Similar vilification is applied to the reclusive Barclay Brothers, who own the Daily Telegraph which exposed the MPs’ expenses scandal and exposed a political elite as largely a bunch of crooks, house flippers and con men and woman.
Of those exposed, the biggest proportion came from the ranks of the party most favorable to the idea of a bigger licence fee settlement for the BBC and by a large margin.

BBC reporting of Leveson clearly favours Ed Miliband’s policies, which are to toughen Leveson and muzzle the Press even more than David Cameron seems to want to.

Robert Peston is trying to protect his position, as are the assembled Guardianistas, gnostics, atheists, Common Purpose trained apparatchiks, agnostics, etc. and left-wing reporters, who pretend that they are speaking for all of us, and think they are so clever that no-one outside of their Oxbridge universe can work out where they are coming from and the extent of their misreporting.

I can see “where they live” and recognise them for the people that they are.
So can others, so for them the writing is on the wall and not before time.

John Gelmini