Defending the UK – Rodney Willett

The following blog by Rodney Willett is well worth a read. Check it out!

via Defending the UK.

Rodney’s thoughtful blog is in response to John Gelmini’s article.

Personally, I believe passionately in free and open trade, so am not comfortable with proposals to build a more fortress-like UK. However, I very much share Rodney’s views on risk analysis and defense spending.

Much of the difficulty with defense is that we are asked to trust the Government that it is looking after our best interests. Sadly, based upon his record of results achieved and changing policy decisions, I am uncomfortable  trusting UK Prime Minister David Cameron‘s decisions, nor those of his political appointees to Government office. It seriously worries me that the Government simply rubbishes the expert views of senior military figures.

The problem with the cuts proposed by the Treasury and the Cabinet Office is that they are effectively top-slicing budgets, and cuts are falling, in the main, on front-line services. In my view, there has been an absence of strategic thinking with the consequence that decisions to consolidate across central and local government have been missed.

Any thoughts?

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Man or machine? – Rodney Willett

This is an interesting blog from Rodney Willett. It’s well worth a a read. Check it out!

Man or machine?.

We are all familiar with how many manual jobs have either moved offshore or been replaced by technology, so should we dumb-down or not?

I am a passionate believer in deploying the last technology provided it makes economic sense. However, I agree that there are lots of unemployed people with the wrong skills in many mature countries. Rather than just doling out unemployment benefit I believe that these people should be making an economic contribution to society; in my mind, unemployment benefit should be linked to  community service. Imagine if all the unemployed did ten days a month community service; this would be both economically and socially beneficial.

Any thoughts?


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