Wary of Roma, Europe cold-shoulders its new eastern workmates | Reuters.com

This is an excellent MUST READ article by Reuters. Check it out!


via Wary of Roma, Europe cold-shoulders its new eastern workmates | Reuters.com.


What’s important about this article s is that it highlights that immigration as becoming a pan-European problem. By comparison, if we look at the UK’s mainstream media, it is often represented that it’s just the UK that has the immigration crisis.


Perhaps, somebody should whisper millennials in David Cameron’s ear?


Any thoughts?


English: David Cameron is a British politician...

English: David Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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Opinion: Roma migrants could cause riots in cities warns Blunkett ex Telegraph – John Gelmini

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

Dr Alf is right to agree with David Blunkett although when David Blunkett was a Minister he said on Question Time that he “Could see no logical upper limit to immigration into the UK“.

Luton, Boston in Lincolnshire, Sheffield, Dover and parts of Birmingham are already powder kegs, waiting to be triggered by new unrestricted influxes of Bulgarians and Romanians in January 2014.

The Roma gypsies are according to the BBC, by far the most vilified minority group in Europe,something which puts them ahead of black people, Muslims, Jewish people worried about anti-Semitism which again on the rise, the Chinese, Irish travelers settling in places like Dale Farm in Essex, and other Eastern Europeans.

The UK can support a population of 35 million people, given its financial and other resources but currently has 70 million people living in it, including 5 million illegal immigrants and very little real growth in exports, full-time job creation, inward investment and house building (we have a 10.5 million shortage).,

As the EU enlarges, the problem will get worse because more people will come from poor countries and want to settle in the UK, actively encouraged by David Cameron, who wants to force wages downwards and drive up productivity using foreign workers rather than creating measures to make the indigenous population perform better and work harder.

Already each vacancy has 47 people applying for it, and without 3% economic growth, we cannot have full employment so with benefit cuts, sanctioning and more pressure on dole recipients people are fearful and angry.

Trouble is coming and it is not clear how the police with 20% reduced headcount and creeping privatisation via G4S and Serco will cope on their own.

John Gelmini

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