UK Immigration: Pseudo-research Pulls 385,000 Migrants Out Of A Hat – Social Europe Journal

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

This article by Social Europe Journal is a RECOMMENDED READING. Check it out!

UK Immigration: Pseudo-research Pulls 385,000 Migrants Out Of A Hat.

Basically, the article accuses UK mainstream media of citing dubious research on potential inflows of Bulgarians and Romanians to the UK, effective January 1, on the lifting of EU transitional restrictions.

For me, this is important because it highlights how some of the UK’s major newspapers do not validate their sources. In this case, the methodology of the source is suspect. BUT newspapers, of course, rush to the headlines. It’s the same with austerity, the mainstream media just want to turn the page, irrespective of the evidence.

There is another part to this story. Even if we were able to predict the flow of Bulgarians and Romanians accurately, it is questionable whether the UK Home Office will be able to accurately record the number of additional immigrants in the UK from January 1.

Any thoughts on the potential outcome of the Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants?


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Reflections: Immigration: The Polish paradox | The Economist

Relative proportions of immigrants from Northw...

Relative proportions of immigrants from Northwestern Europe (red) and Southern and Eastern Europe (blue) in the decades before and after the immigration restriction legislation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My reblog of the Economist article on Immigration, with my two cents, has become my hottest article of the month. Check it out if you missed earlier:


Immigration: The Polish paradox | The Economist


Whilst Income Inequality is clearly America’s No. 1 issue, in Europe and especially the UK, the focus is on immigration. As a result of changes to EU Law, effective January 1 2014, the flood gates will open for mass Bulgarian and Romanian immigration.


Any thoughts?



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