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Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Fird...

Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Firdos Square after the US invasion of Iraq. Found on the US military website. CAPTION:The statue of topples in Baghdad’s Firdos Square on April 9, 2003. Three years later, Iraqi forces increasingly are taking the lead in securing their country. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an intresting article brought to us by Dr Alf but it needs to be put into context. The decision to “re-order the Middle Eastern chessboard” was made by the Neocons whose thoughts on the matter can be read on the PNAC website and in the You Tube utterances of John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.

Wesley Clarke in his visit to the Pentagon, as a former General, describes the plan to “take-down” five countries in the Middle East, as part of this strategy, in a different You Tube interview.

The plans to invade Iraq were made and “war-gamed ” by the Pentagon long before the decision to invade which was made as early as 2000.

The Iraq war was partially about oil, partially about Balkanising Iraq into 3 separate entities and partially allegedly about seizing whatever it was in the Bagdad museum that the Americans coveted so much that they put an armed guard on it the moment they arrived.

Tony Blair was a willing participant in all of this, and was used to give “fig-leaf” cover to the overall exercise, which was not about Saddam Hussein who posed no threat to the West whatsoever.

Blair’s apology is irrelevant to the scheme of things, which were formulated years earlier by people with the brute military power to carry things out.

John Gelmini

Tony Blair takes blame for Iraq War and admits conflict caused ISIS | Daily Mail Online


BlairIraqWarDemo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



In this historic article, the Daily Mail reports on the extraordinary confession by the former Prime Minister came during a TV interview about the ‘hell’ caused by his and George Bush‘s decision to oust Saddam Hussein.

Source: Tony Blair takes blame for Iraq War and admits conflict caused ISIS | Daily Mail Online

If after all these years, Blair is ready to confess in public, one has to speculate about other shabby secrets for which Blair has not yet put up his hand.

With the Chilcot enquiry due to be published after years of delay, there will be white hot attention on Blair and his responsibility and accountability for the historic consequences.