Trump’s NATO Article 5 problem | Brookings Institution

Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization...

Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Español: Bandera de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN). Polski: Flaga Paktu Północnoatlantyckiego (NATO). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International think-tank, Brookings Institution, reports that the Brussels mini-summit is supposed to affirm the relevance of the alliance in the Trump era but there is a risk that it could severely undermine it. It highlights that President Trump is the only American president since NATO’s founding who has not explicitly endorsed Article 5.

Source: Trump’s NATO Article 5 problem | Brookings Institution

So far, Trump’s trip to the Middle East has gone surprisingly well and the US stock market has rallied accordingly.

But if Trump’s fails to affirm NATO Article 5, he’ll have an international crisis that will dwarf his domestic crisis over links with Russia.

I’m not a Trump supporter but his speeches in Saudi Arabia and Israel were statesman-like even if he avoided a number of important areas that will anger liberals.


As Theresa May flies out to Saudi Arabia, we should beware of Britain’s new Brexit allies | The Independent

English: Saudi Arabia

English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a useful article from Andrew Smith in the Independent. He reports that it’s been three months since Theresa May called for Brexit to be the birth of “a truly global Britain” and we’re starting to see what that actually means. He suggests that over recent months, we have seen Government ministers amassing huge numbers of air miles in a bid to form new trading relationships and strengthen older ones.

Source: As Theresa May flies out to Saudi Arabia, we should beware of Britain’s new Brexit allies | The Independent

Brexit risks remain severe and probable, especially the future trading relationship with the EU. In mitigation, the government is turning to global opportunities but there are risks too in those opportunities. Sadly, arms sales are big business but this will probably mean turning a blind eye to restrictions on civil liberties. Theresa May has cuddled up to Erdogan, Trump and now seeks to do the same in autocratic Middle Eastern regimes.

I fear that by the next election thanks to David Cameron letting the genie out of the bottle, Britain will be a very different place. It’s interesting to speculate on the winners and losers in post-Brexit Britain?