Opinion – Economists urge May to accelerate Brexit plans – the Telegraph – John Gelmini

English: David Davis, British Conservative pol...

English: David Davis, British Conservative politician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think there are serious problems with accelerating Brexit negotiations.

David Davis, the Chief Brexit negotiator, was the one who persuaded May, along with Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, to go for an early election.

Sir Lynton Crosby warned that the poll lead of 20 points was “soft” and nearer to 10% but May, Davis et al rushed in like the Gadarine Swine and we all know what happened to them.

The EU will see May as a hologram with a limited lifespan, with a death sentence hanging over her, and Davis as a man with flawed judgement on borrowed time (May’s replacement may not wish to keep him).

The reshuffled Cabinet has the whiff of death about them so it is time for a new leader and a clean sweep.

Political blood needs to be spilled sooner rather than later, in the national interest.

John Gelmini

UK looks at paying billions into EU budget after Brexit – FT

The FT reports that the plan letting the UK finance sector keep single-market access could cost billions.

Source: UK looks at paying billions into EU budget after Brexit

So here we are with the ordinary UK tax payer, once again, propping up the UK finance sector, where many foreign banks don’t pay their full whack of tax. Public services will face enormous cuts post Brexit but financial services will be exempt from pain.

EU workers in the finance sector, as well as agriculture, are likely to be special cases, so the proposed cuts on EU immigrants will impact the service sectors like hotels, restaurants and the NHS.

These are deeply distorted negotiating positions. And that is why that it is vital for the full Brexit process to be debated in parliament, with full disclosure of evidence in green and white papers ahead of parliamentary approval.