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English: Edward Heath at home in Salisbury

English: Edward Heath at home in Salisbury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf gives us what is in effect a non story from the Guardian about Sir Edward Heath.

His name and the names of other politicians, famous people and even judges and top policemen, has been circulating around the internet and Scallywag Magazine for years.

This is along with stories in Private Eye about the Kincora Boys Home, involving the security services videotaping foreign diplomats/dignitaries engaged in bizarre and unusual activities, and then threatening to release the damming footage if ever that individual was to vote the wrong way in the UN.

Often the victims of these alleged activities are threatened into silence as surely as if they had been delivered a wet fish by a “Qualified Man” working for a Mafia Don.

Ordinary policemen investigating Cyril Smith MP had 140 plus complaints about them, yet the stories of Special Branch officers threatening them under the Official Secrets Act are legion, as are stories about the confiscation of police notebooks.

These threats are real because a breach of the Official Secrets Act means loss of pension rights.
Under these circumstances, evidence disappears, as was the case with the file delivered by the late Geoffrey Dickens to the late Sir Leon Brittan.

Always the police fail to get to the bigger fish because their investigations are stopped in mid-flow from orders on high.

That means there is no evidence that would stand up in court and by the time there is the alleged victims have died.

The Lowell Goddard enquiry will net some small fry in the form of the odd pop singer or closet Satanist like Jimmy Saville but evidence about anyone important will never see the light of day.

As for Ted Heath, I remember him as the man who created the three-day week, and who capitulated to the NUM. Margaret Thatcher was right to replace him and was ten times the person Edward Heath was.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Child abuse dossier that shames Britain with 2100 victims | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Dr Alf asks two important questions. Let me restate for convenience:

  1.  Has there been a cover-up to protect the famous and to avoid scandal?

  2. Do the Police have the resources and political backing to complete investigations and bring the cases to Court?

The answers to Dr Alf’s 2 questions are respectively ‘YES’ and ‘NO’.

That there has been a cover-up is not in doubt because the Official Secrets Act has been used along with threats of sacking policemen and denying them their pension rights to stop investigations in their tracks.

In addition, several of the abused boys have been threatened with their lives and some have died in suspicious circumstances.

The facts about the Kincora Boys Home were being reported in Private Eye decades ago, yet the Home Secretary does not want to add what happened there to what happened at Dolphin Square and at the Elm Guest House even though all three are linked. She has pointedly refused to guarantee immunity from prosecution for the victims of abuse who breach the oath under the Official Secrets Act, saying instead that she “hopes” that they would not be prosecuted.

Furthermore there are people still alive today who are being investigated as we speak.

With the sheer number of police enquiries (60), it is hard to see how with present police numbers, the numbers of high-profile pedophiles to be investigated, the squeeze on police budgets and the fact that some of the alleged pedophiles and abusers are members of the judiciary ,members of social services at a high level, members of the police, and members of pop-groups with membership of the highly secretive OTO Satanic sect, like the late Sir Jimmy Saville just how logistically the police will have the capacity to get the job done.

With regard to the record of the police, their UK clear up rate for crimes reported to them is 25% and for the Metropolitan Police it is 9%, so my faith in their ability to get to the bottom of matters is close to zero.

My prediction is that Justice Lowell Goddard and the police will find a few dead pedophiles, have her inquiry compromised by selective leaks and that the miscreant pedophiles  at the top will walk away scott free.

John Gelmini