Vienna to Bratislava – Marilyn Oldman

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Image of the Old Towne Hall (Stará radnica) in... Image of the Old Towne Hall (Stará radnica) in Bratislava, at the old town square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a short drive of only one and half hours, we arrived in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.  A small but very quaint old town,  where everything seems to happen around the old town square. Cafe after cafe, restaurant after restaurant, bar after bar. There are also some quite up market shops along with the usual souvenir shops. The old town square is steeped in history, going back some 700 years. Famous musicians and composers such as Franz Listz, Mozart, Beethoven and Hayden all played  here at some time in their careers.  The dominant feature is the castle in the hills, this  overlooks the old town square. So overall a very  pretty setting.

The temperature when we left Vienna was 28 degrees, and we noticed the difference in Bratislava where it was much hotter, especially in…

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Arrived in Cyprus after seven weeks…

At 2.00 PM our ship docked in Limassol. We said goodbye to Jean Pierre, the third passenger, and waited for the ship’s agent to arrive. Getting off the ship was quite straightforward. The Chief Mate brought our car to the ramp and Alf drove it on to Cypriot soil.

Arriving in Cyprus was very special. We had of course flown into Larnaca and Paphos airports many times but this was the first time that we had arrived by ship.

The ship’s agent was very helpful and passed us on to a customs agent who helped us through the formalities – the price was higher because it was a Saturday afternoon. Everybody was helpful and friendly and really welcomed us to Cyprus. Two hours after docking, we were driving way from the port. It was incredibly strange to drive on the left again after seven weeks!

Of course, we were both glad to be off the ship. Whilst the journey by sea was extremely interesting, we had found a cargo cruise a bit too restrictive for us. As we left Limassol on the motorway (freeway) to Paphos, we reflected on the last seven weeks, going over the ups/downs, likes and dislikes etc. The seven week car journey from the UK to Cyprus had taken us to twelve countries: France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt.

Although the journey has ended, there is still more of the story to be told. So watch this space…