Opinion – Three-in-Ten U.S. Jobs Are Held by the Self-Employed and the Workers They Hire | Pew Research Center

According to the Pew Research Center, self-employed Americans and the workers they hired accounted for 44 million jobs in 2014, or 30% of the national workforce. Hiring is more prevalent among self-employed Asians, whites and men.

Source: Three-in-Ten U.S. Jobs Are Held by the Self-Employed and the Workers They Hire | Pew Research Center

With traditional jobs increasingly likely to be designed out by technology or off-shored to low-cost countries, self-employment is bound to increase strongly in countries that provide the fiscal incentives.

This trend is particularly generalizable to the UK where there’s also a growing self-employed sector. Unfortunately, in the UK, small businesses, like the self-employed, don’t get the same deal as big businesses. Big businesses are able to lobby and, through the use of tax experts, reduce their tax bill. Typical job growth in big businesses is stacking product on a super-market shelf or a zero-hours contract. It’s well known that real job growth comes more from smaller businesses.

Surely governments should provide incentives for more people to become self-employed?


Opinion – James O’Keefe releases sting video of Canadian buying Hillary gear | TheHill – John Gelmini

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer to Dr Alf’s question is ‘probably not’.


Because American Presidential campaigns are 2 years long and cost at least $2 billion gbp to mount and by the time they have finished many of each candidates indiscretions will have been aired and many will have been pushed to one side.

People, myself included, take the pragmatic view which is that we are not electing a candidate for the Papacy and that practically everyone placed under enough media scrutiny has “baggage” and is at the very least full of imperfections.

In the last analysis it boils down to who can deliver the most prosperity for the most people that should decide who takes the top job and that is a matter of media perception plus a mastery of NLP these days.

What we are observing is a play with a number of acts and scenes.

In this first scene Donald Trump will take the Republicans by storm, then in the next one, he will run as an independent and split the Republican vote.

In Act 2, we will see Bernie Saunders falter, either through old-age or some dark secret we are not yet aware of but which will be “”discovered” later at a critical point in the campaign.

Act 3 will see the 2 chosen frontrunners Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton forging ahead, thus presenting voters with a “real choice.

Act 4 will then winnow the 2 contestants down to 1, which in my book means Hillary Clinton will win because she is cleverer than Jeb Bush ,will do better in televised debates and will be more popular with woman, the Jewish community, small business, new high tech entrepreneurs representing new money and Blacks.

John Gelmini