Opinion – Three European tourists were expelled from Machu Picchu in Peru after taking photos of themselves exposing their backsides – DW News

As a passionate independent traveller, this article, published by German news agency DW, very much caught my attention. For me, the ethos of travel is to enjoy a place as it is and very much leave it as it was. There is no place for disgraceful, vulgar and disrespectful behaviour, like that cited by DW. It’s probably time for global guidelines on responsible travel. Personally, I think that the expulsion was not enough – these people should have had their passports confiscated, until they completed some social service showing that they had learned a bit of respect. Views?

Opinion – Care homes ban relatives who complain – BBC News

Worryingly, the BBC reports that hundreds of care homes are banning relatives from visiting elderly residents over complaints about quality of care.

Source: Care homes ban relatives who complain – BBC News

Sadly, this is just one of many distressing stories about the collapsing quality of care for the elderly in the UK.

Of course, austerity, botched reform and and an aging population are key factors in the appalling state of affairs.

Let me ask a simple open question:

How should Theresa May’s government reform care for the elderly in the UK?