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Dr Alf poses an interesting question, the answer to which is “yes”.

Various papers on so-called “managed retreat” have been put forward by successive Governments who only a few years ago wanted to punch holes in North Sea and East Anglian flood defenses, allow water to come in and destroy farmland.

Global Warming/Climate Change has been put forward as the reason for the storms and the
Government pretends it lacks the money whilst applying the £8 gbp’s worth of economic benefit test to every £1 spent by the Environment Agency on flood defense.

To begin with when Jeremy Paxman interviewed Lord Smith, the CEO of the Environment Agency he was obsequious and grovelling. He did not ask the useless Smith how the Treasury test that supposedly “tied his hands ” was worked out.

After these floods, we know as surely as tomorrow;s sun will rise that:

–Insurance premiums for homes and businesses will rise

–Food prices will go up thus reducing disposable income

–Overseas inward investors will look with incredulity at the lack of resilience to inclement weather, our inability to protect infrastructure, our lack of storm drains and the taxes we pay.

Then they will look at Holland, Germany, America, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Finland etc and conclude that these countries seem to be able to organize themselves better and represent a better bet for their investments and as places to do business.

Going on television and saying your staff are doing a great job, whilst houses adjacent to a country’s capital city are being turned into an inland sea, is not going to convince hard-headed inward investors to put money into this country, no matter how much people like David Cameron say “Britain is open for business”.

The poor PR alone in my view creates an economic dys-benefit which outweighs the so-called Treasury test by a significant margin.

The Government claims that it lacked the £4 million gbp a year to dredge the Somerset levels, yet £600 million gbp has been sent to Syria, whilst we are spending even more money on training Syrian rebels in Turkey and Jordan using our special forces.

The bigger question is what is being done with our taxes?

We are 17th in the world in terms of value per taxpayer pound and yet the infrastructure in the way of roads, bridges, high-speed bullet trains, storm drainage, flood defenses, airports, hospitals and schools simply is not in evidence on the scale it should be given our rising population.

At my most charitable, I attribute this to incompetence, too many local authorities and

The Thames Barrier is one of the flood risk ma...

The Thames Barrier is one of the flood risk management installations operated by the Environment Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and too many civil servants.

This does not explain where all the money has gone and why no attempt is being made to forensically investigate why it is that other countries seem to be able to protect themselves against snow, ice, floods, storms and build infrastructure and deliver economic growth.

Mark Harper, the silly immigration minister, is a distraction to these questions and to the question of what of value might lie underneath the Somerset levels.

John Gelmini


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Opinion: Cameron must reclaim his party from the rationalists ex Janan Ganes-FT -John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses interesting questions which throw up more questions and conclusions.

To begin with David Cameron is not a true Conservative and should be removed as an inept loser forthwith.

The division of Conservatives proposed by Janen Ganesh is nonsense, either you are a Conservative or you are not, the differences come in the form of being right-wing or left-wing.

When it comes to Chancellors, Prime Ministers and Ministers the choice breaks down to great, good, average and utterly incompetent, or competent but unsuited to the role being performed.

David Cameron is on ALL key measures incompetent:

–He cannot win elections, even when faced with a useless opponent like Gordon Brown

–He insults people publicly, lectures them about human rights, and loses us jobs, money, credibility and exports time and time again

–He introduces irrelevant and expensive policies which the country cannot afford

–He squanders money on overseas aid, while 365,000 of our own people rummage in dumpsters and go to Trussell Trust and Knights of Malta food banks

–He sells our troops down the river, breaches the military covenant, and warmongers, expecting other nations to fight and die for bogus reasons

–He does not understand the need for exports, economic growth and a slimmed-down Public Sector

–He undermines his own Ministers, attempting reform, and cuts and runs at the first sound of “gunfire”

–He fails to grasp the need to make our citizens more productive, or challenge them to do better

–His agenda is to make the UK part of a United States of Europe

–He cannot negotiate effectively

–He fails to see that if he remains, the Conservatives could well disappear but he is supposedly already planning for a 2nd Coalition because he lacks “street fighting capability”

George Osborne the Chancellor is not qualified to do the job he does and is economically illiterate, whilst Dr Cable the so-called “Business Secretary” is slow, complacent and out of his depth.

If they were employees of a private business, they would all have been sacked a long time ago but we can only live in hope that the “Men in grey suits” will administer the

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

rather more effectively than DEFRA‘s marksmen have been failing to blast TB carrying badgers into oblivion in Somerset!

John Gelmini

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