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English: Victory Day (Russia)

English: Victory Day (Russia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RED SQUARE, MOSCOW. At the military parade cel...

RED SQUARE, MOSCOW. At the military parade celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of victory in World War II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like Dr Alf, I take a keen interest in the history of World War II, and in addition, military history at an official and unofficial level.

Often things we were told about events are only complete when we know and have access to additional facts.

Russia in World War II, lost about 25 million men, a figure which included 10 million or so murdered by Stalin’s secret police.

Even at this level of casualties, they lost far more men than the UK, France and America combined.
Their tradition first developed under Peter the Great, was to build an empire and then remain independent.

They even helped the Union under Abraham Lincoln, during the American Civil War, by dint of the Czar sending the Russian fleet to their aid at a time when the UK wanted to help the Confederacy but then thought better of it because of a lack of appetite for fighting Russia.

In World War II, the American General, Patton wanted to continue the war by attacking Russia and died in mysterious circumstances, some speculate that Patton was assassinated at Stalin’s orders.

What the Russian people think and what we think of them is probably different to what their leadership thinks of our political elite and vice versa.

One hopes that we can all live together on the same planet with a bit more harmony than we are in at present but until then we should remember the sacrifices they made when wider-Russia destroyed the flower of Hitler’s best army on the Eastern front.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Let Russia Be Russia by Shlomo Ben-Ami – Project Syndicate – John Gelmini


STATE KREMLIN PALACE, MOSCOW. With veterans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf raises an interesting point.

The alternative to Shlomo Ben-Ami’s view, is that expressed on the PNAC website and by the Bilderbergers, who want to control “Eurasia” by which they mean Russia and China.

The PNAC doctrine would in the end probably mean war, an arms race in the interim and a first-strike using space based weapons and weather warfare.

The present low oil prices are an attempt to weaken Russia economically, so that she cannot modernize her defenses and orbiting space-based fractional bombardment weapons.

However, the Chinese are pressing on with their plans for a moon-base, space-based weaponry and more drones, fighting and storming robots and scram-jets fitted with cloaking devices capable of hitting any target on earth within 2 hours.

Any rational person would realise that war on the scale this would involve would render the world uninhabitable so the calculation by the Bilderbergers must be that people will capitulate to their demands.

Russia has repelled all previous invasions and attempts to effect regime change and China is gradually buying up the West.

It is time for sensible rapprochement over the Ukraine and more widely because the alternative is World War 3 just as General Albert Pike predicted in his letter to Guiseppe Mazzini in 1871 about 3 World Wars.

John Gelmini