Opinion – Why education is the key to integrating refugees in Europe – Agenda – The World Economic Forum – John Gelmini

The issue should not be about integrating refugees and economic migrants but about stopping more of them from coming so that the issue of integration is confined to those already in a particular country.This is of course close to Donald Trump’s view.

Dr Alf is correct to point out the widening inequalities that already exist and the fact that favouring refugees over the indigenous populations of ordinary people will simply worsen the existing conditions which are that way because of unequal distribution of educational resources leading to ineffective teaching methods for the great unwashed and “Mr Quelch” style whole class teaching for the children of fat cat elites and the already privileged.

John Gelmini

Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for U.S. – The New York Times

English: Brasilia - The president of the Syria...

English: Brasilia – The president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al-Assad during a visit to Congress Português do Brasil: Brasília – O presidente da República Árabe Síria, Bashar Al-Assad, em visita ao Congresso Nacional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this deeply worrying article from the NYT, President Vladimir V. Putin has sent a military advance team to Syria and is taking other steps that the United States fears could lead Russia to expand its military support for President Bashar al-Assad, administration officials said.

Source: Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for U.S. – The New York Times

It looks like Russia wants to strengthen her geo-political position in the Middle East.

Presumably, Russia would  resist greater Western direct intervention in the Middle East?

Meanwhile, President Putin is keeping his cards close to his chest but on Friday, he did suggest ‘an international coalition to address terrorism and extremism’.

Given Obama‘s foreign policy record, we could be witnessing a new escalation in the Middle East?