Call to tighten junk food advert rules after obesity link sown – the Guardian

Surely, it’s no surprise that advertising makes children more likely to purchase junk food? This article in the Guardian misses the point. The food and drink giants, with effective lobbying, are very powerful in influencing government policy. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a raft of effective legislation protecting consumers in the EU. It’s time for the mainstream media to start reporting the wider obesity story? Thoughts?

Opinion – J-20 stealth fighter’s capabilities to be enhanced – People’s Daily Online

It’s significant that this is the most popular article today in China‘s People’s Daily Online, a semi-official newspaper. Meanwhile, China’s Global Times, in an editorial, warns that China must be ready for a global trade war, initiated by President Trump. How China’s J-20 compares to America’s F-35 is not the point here. China seems to be gearing up to respond to aggressive ‘America First‘ policies. Thoughts?