Opinion – Iran fires rockets near US aircraft carrier | TheHill – John Gelmini

English: Location of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

English: Location of Iran and Saudi Arabia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another fine post via Dr Alf.

A prosperous Iran is not a problem as long as the West contains it and looks to the future by engaging with their young people who in most cases would like a more liberated Western lifestyle.

The present Iranian leadership consists of much better negotiators than Europe and America which makes them potentially dangerous to our interests.

Israel’s judgement about the nuclear weapons agreement was probably right but Saudi Arabia is a bigger threat to world stability than Iran because of its support for dangerous Wahabi philosophy and ISIS.

What we do about Iran’s growing influence and the future bankruptcy of the House of Saud, due to low oil prices and diminishing tax revenues, is another matter but the West needs to be ready to encourage regime change across all the Gulf States whilst achieving rapprochement with Russia to contain Iran’s Mullahs.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Dick Cheney blasts Iran deal ‘madness’ – Yahoo News – John Gelmini

Nuclear program of Iran

Nuclear program of Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sad as I am to say it, Dick Cheney, the old warmonger, is right in his assertions in this piece that Dr Alf has unearthed for us from Yahoo news.

The deal on Iran is a messy and dangerous compromise that has resulted from too little pressure being applied to Iran and particularly poor negotiating on the part of Kerry and the dangerous lame duck Obama.

Sooner or later, America will need to trigger its earthquake weapon and cause crop failures in Iran to concentrate minds because once the Iranians eventually have the bomb the West will be in uncharted waters.

Israel lacks B1 bombers and 30,000 pound thermobaric bombs with which to destroy Fordo and Natanz which are currently buried under 200 feet of reinforced concrete and would have to persuade America to act on its behalf.

Should Iran get the new Chinese radars capable of spotting stealth aircraft or Russia provide Iskander missiles to shoot down incoming aircraft through 360 degrees Israel is in real difficulty.

John Gelmini