Opinion – President Trump flunks a moral test – Lexington – Economist

Here’s a damning and brilliantly incisive article from the Economist. It highlights that Donald Trump, a man of strong views, proves oddly ambivalent—once again—about white supremacist violence.

Source: President Trump flunks a moral test

The Economist article is rightly very critical of Trump’s failure to condemn the ‘white supremacists. The world’s media is beginning to wake up to the reality of a Far Right US president in power.

For example, the NYT Twitter headline highlights, ‘Trump is often seized by caution when addressing the violence and vitriol of white nationalists and neo-Nazis‘.

The inference is that Trump’s power base includes white nationalists and neo-Nazis and by protecting his power base, Trump leaves us questioning whether he’s simply a white nationalists and neo-Nazi himself?

The Economist’s moral test is important but more importantly it questions Trump’s judgement, leadership and fundamentally why’s he still running the US?

Liberals in North America and around the world will start to question whether Trump’s America has simply become a fascist state?


Europe is destroying Greece’s economy for no reason at all – The Washington Post

Coat of arms of Greece since 7 June 1975.

Coat of arms of Greece since 7 June 1975. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read article, published in the Washington Post. Check it out!

via Europe is destroying Greece’s economy for no reason at all – The Washington Post.

This is truly powerful and compelling argument.

For me, the most critical points are:

  • Europe rallies to bale out French and German banks but not ready to write-off Greek debt
  • Further austerity, as proposed by creditors, will weaken Greek economy and make debt repayment less likely
  • Raising taxes and levies, when Greece is on her knees will drive her on her face
  • Creditors deliberately precipitated a bank-run in Greece, with a view to getting Greece to capitulate to their demands
  • Greece has won the moral case, and
  • Germany will increasingly be seen as the villain.

Perhaps, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, felt that she had little political wriggle room in Germany? But most economists reckon that German growth will struggle economically in coming years, and Germany might find that she gets the German treatment?