Opinion – Here are 10 good reasons to dread five more years of May | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian – John Gelmini

I agree with Dr Alf and not with Polly Toynbee of the Guardian newspaper, which is a paper whose owners practice tax avoidance on an industrial scale whilst promoting harsh redistributive taxation on London and the SouthEast in order to buy Labour votes elsewhere in the country.

The Labour Party under Corbyn is in fact infiltrated by Momentum, a Trotskyite party, which no sane person could possibly vote for because it would bankrupt the country. This happened under Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan and his Bilderberg Chancellor Denis Healy, who in response to the question about the state of the country’s finances, said “crisis, what crisis” then stepped onto a plane. The country was at that stage bankrupt and it took Margaret Thatcher to go to the Sultan of Brunai and persuade him to bail the country out.

People who are old enough need to remember that when they come to vote on Thursday and reject the Pinocchio like nonsense from Toynbee, the BBC and the left wing media.

The young need to read up on the past and vote Conservative rather than be conned into believing that something can be had for nothing.

The future of May is a different issue and should be determined by swift and unceremonious removal and replacement by someone with the vision, strategic ability and ruthlessness to promote the country’s interests forcefully and deal sternly with troublesome Muslims, the NHS, the House of Lords, MP numbers, local authorities, the public sector, the police, fire commands, the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, quangos and useless civil servants.

Whoever replaces May must deal with fat cat bosses, executive pay in the stratosphere and ineffective performance at every level to compete openly in world markets. Perhaps as Dr Alf would like, we need a genuine one-nation Tory leader.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Conservatives back-track on £60m pledge for primary school breakfasts | The Independent – John Gelmini

As a Conservative I find Mrs May’s Manifesto a joke.

School breakfast and dinner should be free because with proper nutrition children can learn and perhaps gain enough skills to earn a living in the future in a role not easily undertaken by a robot or automation.

The alternative is the dole which costs money.

Jamie Oliver the celebrity chef has been trying to make these points to Blair, Brown and now May plus her officials and civil servants.

They are commonsense points but seemingly lost on these brain dead people.

One does not need to be a Chartered Accountant with a Doctorate in Business Administration like Dr Alf to know that “Strong and Stable Leadership” cannot be delivered unless you cost and decision tree your programmes for risk and impact.

This has not been done which is insulting people’s intelligence and taking us for fools.

Clearly that is what Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill think of us and even those of us who are natural Conservative supporters as I have been since the age of 10.

When undertaking risk analysis for my business clients and when on interim assignment I cannot afford not to be careful because a client could sue being well within his/her rights to say that relevant factors were omitted or not properly considered and that he/she lost or stood to lose financially.

Here we are talking about the whole country yet when pressed Hammond has got his predictions wildly wrong, Timothy fails to cost accurately and fails to think things through, May wings it and the three stooges are out of their depth on Brexit.

Hill is as bad as Timothy and Brokenshire, Rudd, Fallon, Greening are all lacklustre performers who contradict each other particularly when it comes to immigration and Brexit and their own portfolios.

The solution to these lame ducks should be instant dismissal and replacement and May needs to up her game or be given a Samurai sword so that she can commit Seppuku (ritual disembowelment as an act of remorseful contrition for performing disgracefully). This won’t happen of course but her landslide majority is shrinking with each policy mistake and uncosted proposal with holes in it.

John Gelmini