NHS is unsafe and inhuman, says director – Telegraph

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NHS Job Shop: “Working for Health” in Kentish Town. Closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article by Tim Ross, Political Correspondent at the Telegraph is political dynamite for UK Prime Minister‘s David Cameron’s Government. It’s a MUST READ, in my view. Check it out!

via NHS is unsafe and inhuman, says director – Telegraph.

What amazed me reading the article was the amount of emphasis that was being put into computerizing records before January 2014.   Indeed the project to computerize patient records in the NHS has often been cited as one of the largest cost overruns in Government.

Now as services are crumbling, priority is focused towards computerizing records. Truly amazing!

Once again for me,  this confirms that the NHS is a monolithic bureaucracy that is no longer fit for purpose.

Personally, I think it is time for a public debate answering the question:

Should the UK’s NHS be scrapped and replaced with a new, fit-for-purpose healthcare service based on global best practice?

Any thoughts?


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