Cost-benefit analysis puts corporate tax avoidance in perspective – the Canberra Times

This article from the Canberra Times is worth a read. Check it out!

via Cost-benefit analysis puts corporate tax avoidance in perspective.

As I read the article, I felt that the Canberra Times had understated the problem. Multi-nationals typically operate tax avoidance schemes on a global basis and in my view, it’s necessary to look at the problem from a global perspective, rather than as a national issue.

Also I question how hard governments will push ‘big-business’ for fear of upsetting them and losing their support? In Australia, for example, I believe that Tony Abbot is on familiar terms with the owners of the major mining companies?


BBC News – The era of global government?

This article from the BBC is worth a read. Check it out!

via BBC News – The era of global government?

Personally, I struggle with the concept of global government. Each country or interest group identified in the article is looking to maximize their own gain at the expense of other players. It’s a political group, after all. Also the record of achievement of the G20 summits have been quite modest. Already we are reading that President Putin is leaving early because Western governments are being hostile towards Russia.

When the United Nations came together, it promised a form of global government but it was soon high-jacked by special interest groups.

Despite President Obama’s misguided foreign policy, we still live in a world of US hegemony. But as the US withdraws other powerful forces enter, like ISIS – also China and Russia are stretching their geopolitical muscles.

Sadly, there was a time when the BBC provided the gold-standard for journalism – sadly, I fear that based on this article the BBC has long lost that proud mantle.