Opinion – President Trump flunks a moral test – Lexington – Economist

Here’s a damning and brilliantly incisive article from the Economist. It highlights that Donald Trump, a man of strong views, proves oddly ambivalent—once again—about white supremacist violence.

Source: President Trump flunks a moral test

The Economist article is rightly very critical of Trump’s failure to condemn the ‘white supremacists. The world’s media is beginning to wake up to the reality of a Far Right US president in power.

For example, the NYT Twitter headline highlights, ‘Trump is often seized by caution when addressing the violence and vitriol of white nationalists and neo-Nazis‘.

The inference is that Trump’s power base includes white nationalists and neo-Nazis and by protecting his power base, Trump leaves us questioning whether he’s simply a white nationalists and neo-Nazi himself?

The Economist’s moral test is important but more importantly it questions Trump’s judgement, leadership and fundamentally why’s he still running the US?

Liberals in North America and around the world will start to question whether Trump’s America has simply become a fascist state?


About Turn: What’s Really Behind the US’ New Approach to Syria – Sputnik News

Read Russian media in English, reporting how President Trump has changed US policy on Syria. It argues that the US’ top officials have recently announced that the US is changing tactics in Syria and is working on the possible de-confliction of operations in Syria with Russia. Interestingly, Russian media suggested what might be behind the revised US’ policies.

Source: About Turn: What’s Really Behind the US’ New Approach to Syria

This gives us another insight into President Trump, arguing that he’s escalating the fight against ISIS and trying to stop foreign fighters from returning home.

With so many open questions concerning Trump’s relationship with Russia, it’s fascinating to read Russian media putting him in a more favorable light.