The Guardian view on Donald Trump: 100 days of failure | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

The UK’s left-leaning Guardian newspaper writes a blistering editorial on Trump’s first 100 days. It argues that it’s no surprise that dissembling has been the defining feature of his first 100 days. It reasons that if he admitted the truth of his shambolic presidency, it would shorten its span.

Source: The Guardian view on Donald Trump: 100 days of failure | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

For me, the editorial was just too biassed. After all, as a friend pointed out to me today, Trump did well to encourage China to intervene with North Korea – that was a real achievement. I am no great Trump fan but the liberal media has been so shrill about Trump that they stand a risk of being ignored or marginalized in future. Trump has made errors but he is the democratically elected US president, so he deserves a chance.

What is perhaps more worrying is that as Trump takes stock of his first 100 days, he’ll return to the appeal of his populist political base, far-right supporters and this will have an increase influence on policy moving forward. The Guardian would do well to move to risk evaluation and some suggested mitigating actions – this would add value.


Donald Trump behaviour ‘showing a lot of signs’ of dangerous mental illness, says leading Yale psychiatrist – The Independent

According to the UK liberal Independent newspaper, Donald Trump is “showing a lot of signs” of dangerous mental impairment and may be a threat to the survival of American society, citing a leading Yale psychiatrist. In an exclusive interview with The IndependentYale University’s Dr Bandy Lee said she had seen a “marked surge” in violence among her own patients since the day of Mr Trump’s election, blaming his strong rhetoric.

I bet Dr Bandy Lee voted for Clinton too. This sort of news degrades professional integrity and newspapers are shameful to chaise circulation with these cheap tactics.