Opinion: IDS: BBC is ‘downgrading’ Cameron’s referendum pledge – Telegraph – John Gelmini

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BBC Handbook 1964

BBC Handbook 1964 (Photo credit: LoopZilla)

In response to Dr Alf’s blog of the above article, in my judgement, David Cameron‘s referendum pledge is not worth the hot air he used to make it, and both he and the BBC actually want a United States of Europe.

The last promise from David Cameron on the British people having “their say” was not kept and at this weekend’s Bilderberg meeting held in Copenhagen, which the BBC attended but as in all other years since 1954 did not report on, probably he will have been given new instructions about what to say and do next, which will not include giving the British people a say on anything.

Dr Alf’s question about the BBC is a separate issue.

I maintain that the BBC is biased, over managed, left-wing and does not, these days, report what is really happening.

The solution to the BBC is to abolish the licence fee and force it to operate by subscription and paid sponsorship. This would be the first step and the second would be clearing out the Board of Governors and the 100 executives the BBC employs on salaries in excess of £100,000 gbp a year. Then I would restructure the whole thing with a clear-out of about 33% of their staff, plus the more useless presenters and left-wing reporters.

This anachronistic purveyor of propaganda would then have to pay its way and earn its keep.

Actors, playwrights, impresarios, musicians, authors, film stars, comedians, theatre directors and anyone selling something would no longer get free publicity and a long advertorial plus hagiography to plug their latest offerings as they do now in complete abrogation of the BBC Charter which forbids advertising.

Extremists would no longer be handled with kid gloves and they would not longer be able to use the BBC for free publicity.

BBC reporters would have to actually report what was going on without endless speculation, or any presumption about what ordinary people were thinking or feeling, as was the case with the death of Princess Diana, when we were told “that the nation was coming together in grief”. In my opinion, you cannot grieve for people you do not know, so this sort of presumption is offensive, since none of us were consulted nor asked about how we felt and BBC reporters are not to my knowledge mind-readers.

John Gelmini

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Opinion: British politicians ‘pander to prejudice and xenophobia’ over immigration, says EU commissioner – Telegraph-John Gelmini

Twickenham United Kingdom

Twickenham United Kingdom (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Dr Alf poses a reasonable question but the reason for this latest outburst is the hidden agenda of those behind the EU.
This is :

–Porous borders

— Immigration into the UK without limit to eventually include Turkey and the Ukraine which would take the UK to circa 120 million people by 2050

–Engineering a situation under which the indigenous English peoples are outnumbered by other people within 30 years or less by engineering them out of existence by stealth.

This last objective is being achieved by :

1) Reducing the rate of family formation by ensuring that the majority of English men cannot afford to buy a house until they are 38 or older

2) Using eostrogen and Bisphenol A to lower sperm counts and ensure that the indigenous population has fewer children than migrants

3) Making divorce easier cheaper and faster

4) Not building enough houses thus making rents higher than they need be and thus leaving people with no option but to have much smaller families

5) Promoting gay marriage and next on the list pre nuptial agreements being given full legal force

6) Rationing healthcare to bring mortality rates up and replacement rates down(the UK has the worst cancer treatment outcomes in Western Europe and the worst overall patient mortality)

7) Encouraging the UK to break apart and Balkanise into weak constituent vassal states under German economic control

8) UK Parliament reduced to a cipher

9) European Army

10) A United States of Europe with a powerful Germany at its centre

Open and honest argument is not what is on offer and David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg are all signed up to the Bilderberger Agenda which is about making this agenda a reality whether the public like it or not.

John Gelmini

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