Special Counsel Mueller Focuses On Trump’s Son – Buzz Feed News

Controversial Buzzfeed News  currently has the hottest Trump news story on Twitter, claiming that Special Counsel Mueller is focusing on Trump’s son.

It argues that prosecutors investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign are bearing down on the president’s son, attempting to figure out his intent when he attended a meeting in which he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of Russia’s support for Trump’s campaign. It suggests that the question of intent could be crucial in determining if Donald Trump Jr. violated the law.

Source: Special Counsel Mueller Focuses On Trump’s Son

Although the article is full of speculation and assumptions –  very light on evidence – it brings the pressure back on the Trump family.

But with increased pressure on the Trump family, perhaps we’ll see Steve Bannon try to strengthen his influence and offer Trump a winning formula once again?



Bannon has since been fired from his role at the White House and has announced that he’s returning to Breibart News. I sense that Bannon is still important to Trump if Trump wants to retain the support of those who voted for him


Opinion – Jared Kushner’s explanations on Russia reveal a man wholly unsuited to his job | US news | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Kushner’s statement raises new questions about how Donald Trump could have entrusted someone with so little foreign policy experience with such a powerful international portfolio.

Source: Jared Kushner’s explanations on Russia reveal a man wholly unsuited to his job | US news | The Guardian

Normally, I keep away from politics in the summer months but this story beggers belief.

But the Guardian article concludes with a powerful sting in the tail:

“If the Kushner family has had zero financial dealings with the Russians or Russian banks, and are willing to open up their books to prove it, then maybe Jared Kushner will be able to put all this to rest,” said Richard Painter, chief White House ethics lawyer under George W Bush.

“But until that happens we have to assume there’s a strong likelihood that when a prominent Russian banker goes to see a prominent member of the Trump transition team, finances will have been part of their discussion.”

For me, there are two important imflications. Firstly, Kushner’s naivity shows serious weakness in Trump’s leadership and judgement. Secondly, the greater the likihood of Kushner and Trump Jr going to jail, the sooner Trump will resign.