Boxed in by three trams and a crowd – Zagreb, Croatia

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Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, Croatia H... Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, Croatia Hrvatski: Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Zagrebu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The journey from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia by car was pretty uneventful until we reached the  centre of Zagreb.

Satnav got us out of Budapest onto the motorway/freeway quite easily. It was sunny but cold when we left Budapest at around ten in the morning. We struggled a bit choosing the right lane coming off the bridge crossing the River Danube into Buda and the impatient traffic behind were honking their horns. The Hungarian country-side was attractive but the drive a little tense because of extreme cross winds.

We were surprised to have to show our passports three times, crossing from Hungary into Croatia. The last time we had shown our passports was Dover, UK, nearly three weeks earlier, despite visiting France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. We then  remembered that Croatia was not yet part of the EU

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Marilyn and Alf arrive in Vienna to thunder and lightening – what a welcome!

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Barrel organ player in Vienna, Austria. Barrel organ player in Vienna, Austria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve arrived in Vienna, Austria and just got settled before the heavens opened – thunder and lighting followed – what a reception!

The four-hour road journey from Prague was fairly uneventful. Leaving Prague, we saw lots of Communist erahigh rises which were pretty ugly – just like this sort of building anywhere.

The toll paying motorway from Prague to Brno was pretty bad in places – I regretted not changing my tyre pressures from German autobahn settings.

As we crossed the border from the Czech Republic into Austria the traffic was very slow through a number of small villages, eventually leading to the motorway. I stopped at the first services to buy my sticker for using the Austrian motorway and the young man said “welcome to Austria” which was pretty nice.

Driving around Vienna for the first time was a…

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