Opinion – The old Tory order is crumbling – it’s taken Grenfell for us to really see it | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan

Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I disagree with left-wing writer, Owen Jones’ op-ed article published in the left-wing Guardian. Jones concludes that the The neoliberal right has never seemed weaker and with a massive push, Labour can seize the initiative.

Source: The old Tory order is crumbling – it’s taken Grenfell for us to really see it | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Jones style of writing is big on passion, concatenation of events, with a world view leaning towards the Far-Left for whom the end justifies the means. In particular, the article’s light on evidence and full of bias.

The article wants us to believe that the Tories are responsible for Grenfell, with austerity and beliefs going back to Margaret Thatcher’s promotion of neoliberalism.

Unfortunately, Jones fails to identify that the Grenfell period included long periods when Labour were in power, characterized by mismanagement and poor economic stewardship. Let’s remember that the previous Labour governments provided inflationary public sector pay settlements that had no linkage to productivity improvement or promotion of global best practice in public sector administration. Labour promoted big government, both in the central and local governments sectors. Frequently, left-wing politicians showed patronage to their chums in business.  Time and time again Labour governments provided disasterous economic management and left office with the cubboard being bear.

In a short time, the UK has moved from promoting the populism of the Far Right to the populism of the Far-Left. Remember that the historic socialist Labour Party was hijacked by shadowy Far-Left radicals. To put this into context, the economically and socially, internationally respected, international paper, the Economist warns us starkly that Jeremy Corbyn‘s objective is ‘domestic revolution’.

Yes, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan presided over a period of economic liberalism and massive economic growth that is often called neoliberalism. This is core to the capitalist system. Is Owen Jones secretly dreaming of a Marxist state for the UK, led by Britain own Che Gavara, Jeremy Corbyn?