How much could Brexit wipe off UK GDP? | World Economic Forum

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The authoritative WEF provides a powerful  meta-analysis assesses the potential economic impact of a vote to leave in the UK’s referendum.

Source: How much could Brexit wipe off UK GDP? | World Economic Forum

This research looks at existing research projections and concludes that they are probably understating the downside risk from Brexit.

This bottom line was recently reinforced by the Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF. She concluded that the impact of Brexit is between bad and very bad in terms of economic impact.

Supporters of the Brexit dismiss all these arguments as theory but they fail to offer alternatives in terms of evidence and risk assessment.

Ultimately, the referendum vote will be between those favoring xenophobia and those who look to economic prosperity. Logic and reason favour the Remain campaign but the Brexit campaign is now being championed by the UK’s own right wing populist (like Trump and Le Pen), namely Boris Johnson.



A Cyber-Whodunit – Neal Pollard – POLITICO Magazine

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English: Politico button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding must-read article from Politico. Check it out!

via A Cyber-Whodunit – Neal Pollard – POLITICO Magazine.

With many years experience in delivering effective IT strategy, I think that every major organization must push cyber-attacks up the risk register. Neal Pollard’s article cites that the US government has long been considering a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbour‘.

With global growth recovering strongly from the financial crash of 2008, political risks must increasingly factor into strategic decisions. Unfortunately, the Eurozone looks vulnerable to damaging fallout from political risk – look at the record on the Ukraine, sanctions and Russia’s fast-stepping on energy in the Mediterranean.

Given experience defending the Euro, I wonder how prepared Europe is against cyber-warfare? Also should Europe rely on NATO, where after the US, Turkey has the largest army?