Opinion – How rightwing writers covered Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville | US news | The Guardian

With a sub-title entitled ‘The Far Right – Bursting your Bubble’, this is an outstanding piece of analysis, published in the Guardian.

Author, Jason Wilson, argues that despite the president’s increasing political isolation, there are some on the right who can’t bring themselves to condemn him, and others who blame the left.

Source: How rightwing writers covered Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville | US news | The Guardian

This is one of the best pieces of analytical journalism that I’ve read in your. Wilson highlights the data, gives an overview of the publisher and the writer, a citation and his own translation of the coded language.

Of course, the Guardian is liberal and giving its audience some fresh red meat.

Sadly, there’s another equally dark story to tell about the Far-Left, with their own racist, pro-Palastinian, anti semitic bias. For both the Far Left and the Far Right, evidence is suppressed in favour of political expediency and the end justifies the means – look to 20th century history, whether it’s Hitler and Mussolini’s Fascism or Stalin‘s Communism.

I wonder if writer, Jason Wilson, will write a second piece exposing the Far-Left? It would be interesting to see if the Guardian is ready to be as critical of the Far-Left as the Far-Right?


Opinion – Are there white nationalists in the White House? | PolitiFact

White House Front

White House Front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting and highly cited read from PolitiFact.

Source: Are there white nationalists in the White House? | PolitiFact

The article carefully looks at the evidence and cites a variety of experts.

The conclusion is that there are no white nationalists at the White House although the four experts believe several players are close. For example, Steve Bannon is cited as a ‘nationalist’, rather than a ‘white nationalist’ although the article recognizes that the two are pretty close.

For me, the article is splitting too many hairs, talking to too many experts. There’s too much cancatonation of opinions and not enough rigorous analysis.

My conclusion is simple, the Far Right of US politics is currently in power in America and this is both bad for the US and the world. Debating which brand of Far Right politics is of little concern to those threatened by the ugly repression. Surely, this would be supported by the editors of most mainstream liberal newspapers around the world?

For a more comprehensive and intellectual analysis, see ‘Radical Right US’ or the ‘Alt Right‘. Another perspective might be to look at alternative definitions of fascism. Finally, for a detailed review of the international research literature on ‘radical right wing politics’, open this link.