Has David Cameron already abandoned the Millennial Generation? – John Gelmini

The millennials to whom Dr Alf refers are being thrown on the scrap-heap and not given hope as evidenced by 1.25 million NEETS without work or any real prospect of getting it, a further 1 million in training schemes and work placements and the next generation of school-leavers who are going to be forced to stay on at school for another year and kept off the dole.

Two weeks ago, David Cameron was talking about the benefits to young people of volunteerism in a complete abrogation of his duty to ensure that the young millennial are:

–Educated to global best-in-breed standards

–Are competitive

–Are self-disciplined

–Have language skills

–Are job ready-and-willing to move anywhere on the planet to find work or are prepared to start their own businesses

People need to be able to leave home, strike out on their own, buy or rent a small house, marry, start a family of perhaps 2 children and support themselves.

Volunteering, make-work schemes, warehousing youngsters in Workfare programs, and engineering the truth out of existence, does not cut it, and has led to a situation where an average Englishman, Scotsman or Welshman cannot buy a house until he is 38.

The truth is that on current rates of growth at least 60% of millennial will probably never work unless they emigrate (most are not qualified to do so) or start their own businesses.

You will not hear this from the Government nor from the Opposition because the plan they are following calls for unfettered immigration and eventual outnumbering of the indigenous population who are being squeezed at both ends in a form of ethnic cleansing by stealth.

This takes the form of:

1) Ensuring that millennial cannot marry, start families or support them by ensuring that there are no houses available (current shortage 11 million houses with a rate of new build of 100,000 a year leaving a shortfall which even with a frozen population would take 44 years to clear)

2) Refusing to take really dramatic steps to increase inward investment improve language training that matches the scale of the problem

3) Failing to act aggressively on dementia, diabetes, obesity and current productivity

4) Allowing Bisphenol A and other chemicals into packaging, plastics and the environment to deliberately lower sperm counts and the “replacement rate ” to 1.88 when for the species to survive the rate needs to be at 2.4

5) Allowing unfettered immigration whilst pretending not to do so

6) Not supporting traditional marriage and deliberately encouraging the traducing of Judeo Christian ethics


English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

millennials, who like to use technology, want the problem solved, and know instinctively that they have been failed, even though they may not know these specifics.

They know that the politicians are lying and have no real answers but have not yet been confronted with these realities by a public which is in a state of denial.

Because of lack of exercise and obesity they will be the first generation to predecease their parents and to solve the problem they have to wake up and do so themselves via web-based businesses, using their innate creativity or by emigrating under their own steam, as I once did in my twenties and my late parents did following World War 2.

Whilst it may sound unpatriotic to say it, I would not advise any millennial to remain in this country (viz. the UK), even though they should represent the country’s future.

John Gelmini

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