Opinion – China’s Internet economy younger, more vibrant than US – Global Times

Here’s a fascinating article, in the Global Times, China’s leading and often politically outspoken newspaper. It reports that China and the US have become the twin engines of global Internet development, and the Chinese engine is apparently younger and more vibrant than its US counterpart, according to the findings of a white paper on China’s Internet economy released on Wednesday.

Source: China’s Internet economy younger, more vibrant than US – Global Times

For years, the US has had the technology and market-driven edge but the article speculates about China’s strategic advantage.

In recent years, the US has had to outsource technology, import foreign labour but has maintained the edge with constant market-driven innovation. But the pressures on young people in today’s US society has triggered record obesity and deaths from opioid addiction.

Strategically, technology remains vitally important, with the expected elimination of many unskilled and semi-skilled jobs in the decades ahead.

Having spent time in both the US and China, I would be wary of simply dismissing the Global Times article.

Also it’s interesting to reflect that last week, President Putin was extolling Russia’s technology sector and encouraging it to develop its own application software and not be strategically dependent on Western companies.

Perhaps, it all depends upon whether the nationalists or the globalists are holding greater sway in Trump’s America?


Trump NATO speech breaks Europe’s heart – Global Times

Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization...

Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Español: Bandera de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN). Polski: Flaga Paktu Północnoatlantyckiego (NATO). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China’s hard-hitting newspaper, the Global Times highlights the differences between Trump’s US and other NATO allies, in particular in Europe. It argues that the US has built giant security assets overseas in the post WWII era and warns that now that the US economic advantage has become less prominent, what Trump wants to do is to “sell” some of the geopolitical assets in exchange for cash.

Trump NATO speech breaks Europe’s heart – Global Times

For years now, Canada, Germany, and to a lesser extent France, have got off lightly in paying their share towards NATO. It’s just not fair to other members like the the US and the UK who have their own financial problems. Of course, there’s a right and a wrong way to apply international pressure. Sadly, Trump bluntness and unpredictability are weakening the NATO alliance and analysts are increasingly factoring the heightened risk of WWIII being triggered by a rogue escalation.