Global Employment Trends for Youth 2015: Youth employment crisis easing but far from over – International Labour Organization

According to the International Labour Organization, despite a mild recovery in the 2012-2014 period, the youth unemployment rate remains well above its pre-crisis level. The report highlights that for millions of young people around the world finding a decent job is still a drawn-out uphill struggle.

Source: Global Employment Trends for Youth 2015: Youth employment crisis easing but far from over

In my view, governments are not doing enough to tackle long-term youth unemployment. There’s little that governments can do about the impact of technology on traditional jobs. But governments should mobilize the unemployed with public service in exchange for benefits. One option would be compulsory conscription for all – suitably skilled conscripts would help with social and public services.


Apprenticeships: Keeping up with the Schmidts | The Economist

This article from the Economist is a strongly recommended read. Check it out!

via Apprenticeships: Keeping up with the Schmidts | The Economist.

For me, the article, once again highlights the weakness of David Cameron’s government‘s policy decisions. This highlights the fundamental absence of proper strategic evaluation, with policies being hotchpotch and knee-jerk reactions.  I would question the wisdom of trying to copy German best practice which is based on fundamentally different contextual values. For example, there is a Constitutional Court in Germany which protects consumers against big government and big business. The Economist article describes how a supermarket is taking the money and not, in my view, giving enough in return to the apprentices.

In the last two years, I have spent two extended periods in Asia. and am amazed that the UK Government is developing an appenticeship policy without extensive study of Asian practice.

Let me turn this to an open question:

In your opinion, is the UK Government’s policy for appenticeships likely to be effective in addressing the huge challenges of UK unemployment?

Any thoughts?

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