Opinion – The U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country — but not with better health outcomes – LA Times – John Gelmini

Dr Alf brings us an interesting article to which there is a simple conclusion.

The American Medical Association keeps the number of medical students at a finite number by making the requirements to be a doctor more onerous than is the case in many other countries, consequently American doctors are very well paid. American medicine is very high-tech and with some exceptions uses the latest treatments and drugs, unlike the UK’s NHS. This adds further to the expense.

Private medical insurers are only really interested in people who are working and people who are healthy and under the age of 74. This makes individual insurance policies very expensive for the self-employed, those out of work and pensioners. The expense can be mitigated by exclusion riders but generally many people simply pay doctors bills which are made worse by the costs of American drugs which exceed the costs of drugs in Canada by a very wide margin.

America is a great place to work in if you are bright, university educated, young and have up to date skills. If you happen to be older and without these attributes the pressure of work is stressful and without sensible exercise and diet the cost is rather too many overweight people who get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other problems which then creates the need for yet more expensive treatments.

When these treatments go wrong ambulance chasing lawyers enter the scene,encouraging patients to sue hospitals and doctors for negligence,over medication and all manner of transgressions. The costs of these legal actions then feed into insurance premiums for private medical insurance which when added to all the other costs mean that Americans spend 16% of GDP on healthcare whereas in the UK it is about 6.5% if Adult Social Care costs and PIP benefits are stripped out.

The stress, pressure to perform and do better is greater there than it is in Europe and the UK so mortality is worse and morbidity is worse for those who are uninsured (about 50 million people), who were supposed to be helped by Obamacare and whatever Donald Trump eventually puts in its place.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Barely functioning Maybot clunks into the summer recess | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

As Dr Alf says it is time for the 1922 Committee to have a quiet word with May or better still her husband.

As things stand neither May or Davis are taken seriously by Barnier the EU negotiator who has every intention of stalling the negotiations and extracting massive amounts of money from the UK Treasury. May will not survive the Conservative Party conference and the 1922 Committee need to find a young telegenic ,”streetfighting” replacement for May instead of maintaining the pretence that she can remain ,sack disloyal colleagues and carry on.

If they persist in this illusion Corbyn and his “Red Guards” are ready and the Conservatives and the country are doomed.

The rot as in Stalin’s statement about fish starts in the head and then moves downwards to afflict the rest of the creature so for everyone’s sake May must go along with the rest of her geriatric and useless Cabinet of also rans.

John Gelmini