Absolutely Amazing Atacama

Fond memories of Atacama desert, a few weeks prior to WHO declaring pandemic

Slow Travel in Distant Places

Very tired, we arrived in San Pedro de Atacama (‘San Pedro’) bus station at noon, after a challenging night journey by bus across the Andes, crossing the Jama Pass at 4208m. San Pedro, 2448m.a,s,l., archaeological capital of Chile being an important centre of pre-Inca culture, is set on an arid high plateau in the Andes mountains of North-Eastern Chile, surrounded by dramatic landscape including desert, salt flats, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs.Exiting bus station, we quickly found a taxi, and soon located our hotel, on the outskirts of town – our base for four nights. Marilyn unpacked and Alf went out exploring, looking for a very much needed laundry and supermarket for bottled mineral water. After our complimentary ‘Pisco Sour‘, a few glasses of wine, an early night followed an enjoyable meal.

7am we were picked-up for a tour to Rainbow Valley, sharing our guide/driver…

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Opinion – Black militias patrol streets of America as US election approaches | World | The Sunday Times

Lon Chaney;Richard Arlen In 'The Town Tamer' : News Photo

A highly biased article in today’s Sunday Times? First, we had evidence of institional racism in some US police forces, leading to ‘Black Lives Matter‘ which was soon hijacked by the Far-Left who want to whitewash history (pardon pun). Now we have black vigilantes, promising ‘we’re the good guys, really’. The ‘Times’ journalists seem totally blind to the idea of Trump winning reelection because that’s what the majority of voters want. Have I missed something?

Source: Black militias patrol streets of America as US election approaches | World | The Sunday Times