What sort of prime minister does David Cameron really want to be? | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer

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This is a good article in the Observer. Check it out!

What sort of prime minister does David Cameron really want to be? | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer.

Personally, I find the choice between “romantics” and “pragmatists” a bit odd.  

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  1. Sadly I think David Cameron is very timid indeed and is doing little more than mark time until he like Steve Hilton his former “Special Advisor”, moves to America to undertake his much bigger UN role.

    Let’s look at the record:

    Are local authorities fewer in number and are their CEO’s controlling their pay increases, stopping their junketing and behaving in a way which suggests that we are in deep economic difficulty?

    Is the much vaunted “military covenant ” being upheld given that serving service-people are to be forced out of service housing which will be sold off to developers and forced into the private sector with no guarantee of jobs when they come out?

    This is on top of MOD civil service Mandarins being paid huge bonuses for wasting billions whilst soldiers risking their lives in Afghanistan are being issued with redundancy notices, not being given sufficient body armour or proper armoured vehicles and being sent to foreign military adventures where we have no business.

    We are told that there is “no money” yet this year we found £1.3 billion for India in overseas aid and are continuing with aid to other countries for no measureable benefit or return.

    Charity begins at home and if David Cameron wants to give to charity or indeed anyone else that is a matter for them.
    I object to my taxes being used in this way and I am not alone.

    We have a plan for deficit reduction but nothing substantial for export led growth or job creation. Selling arms to despotic Arab rulers is not a substitute for export led manufacturing growth yet beyond that David Cameron is bereft of imaginative policies and the Liberal Democrats are even worse.

    The so called “Big Society” is another exercise in unfunded hot air about which we now hear very little.

    Then we turn to the vested interests in the medical profession, the Trades Unions and the banks,what has been done to cut them down to size?

    Answer, precisely nothing.

    On top executive pay and “rewards for failure” it is the same story and on the question of more woman on Times 1000 boards there is lots of noise but no headbanging or really intense pressure to bring some of the neandertals into the 21st century.

    On welfare reform there is also timidity when it comes to tackling the subsidy of pensioners and housing benefit recipients living in houses which are too large for them.

    Police reform has simply been ducked as too difficult to tackle although the traffic police will be removed by stealth when the Highways Agency takes over in 2014–An action by the way of the previous Labour Government under Gordon Brown.

    On the question of law and order and the application of law, David Cameron has been supine in the defence of the non Muslim majority and is now seeking to introduce gay marriage, something that does not concern most people as an issue of importance(jobs and growth are) and for which he has no electoral mandate.

    Under his Prime Ministership we are or have been involved in foreign wars for which there is no clear mission and no planned endgame and we now have 8 million heroin addicts ,quadruple the number we had in 2001 when the Taliban were overthrown in Afghanistan in 2001.

    In short Andrew Rawnsley was too kind, because based on the job he is supposed to be doing I wouldn’t give him any more than 4 marks out of 10, but because the alternatives are so much worse there is as Lady Thatcher once said no alternative.

    • John, many thanks for your very interesting response. I broadly endorse the general thrust of your argument. I wonder how historians will write up David Cameron’s contribution?

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