Trump White House Descends into Chaos and Scandal – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Logo of Der Spiegel.

Logo of Der Spiegel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a brilliant read from Germany’s Spiegel. It reports that the White House is becoming more chaotic by the day, especially now  a special counsel has been brought in to investigate possible connections between President Donald Trump‘s team and Russia. According to Spiegel the most important question is now whether Trump is mentally stable enough to be president.

Trump White House Descends into Chaos and Scandal – SPIEGEL ONLINE

This read is white hot. Don’t miss it!

One response

  1. Dr Alf brings us an extraordinary article but one can see the probable endgame for President Trump in the form of impeachment and replacement by Vice President Pence.
    Trump can then do things vicariously in 2022 through his daughter Ivanka who would be able to run as the first female President without the baggage of Hillary and Bill Clinton and with the way prepared for her by the ram headed mistakes of her father.
    She would have to deepen her voice,get up to speed on international affairs but she is bright,telegenic,less gaffe prone than her father and at the moment seems to be a stable and committed married woman with a wealthy husband without skeletons in the closet.
    Time will tell

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