Opinion – Charlottesville, demographic change, and misplaced white anxiety – via Brookings Institution

Conclusions from this excellent article by leading US think-tank Brookings are highly transferable to other multiracial societies, where populist leaders are fanning fear with aging white working class voters. It applies equally to both Far Left and Far Right driven populism, where the truth is subordinated and the end justifies the means. For me, the UK provides a vivid example where the thread might read, ‘Brexit, demographic change, and misplaced white anxiety’. Thoughts?

Opinion – A Trade War with China is Useless – Editorial – The Global Times

In this video clip, the editor of one of China’s largest and most outspoken newspapers highlights how China will win Trump’s trade war. As a passionate supporter of globalism and open markets, I’m alarmed that Trump’s interventions will reduce global trade (according to IMF forecasts). Trump needs to address US industrial investment, national skills and productivity. Under Trump, US corporations are more incentivized to return money to shareholders than fund new facilities in the US. The economic cost of reversing the decline of US manufacturing would be enormous. To increase US competitiveness, policymakers must address the economic consequences of obesity and addiction – both alcohol and drugs. Views?