Opinion – Trump sets stage for trade war with Europe via Twitter rant against carmakers – Slate

Here’s a breaking news story published by Slate. Trump is threatening trade wars with Europe, targeting car companies. Junckner says that Levy jeans and bourbon whiskey would be targets for retaliation. Meanwhile, Britain’s lame duck prime minister, Theresa May, will defend her government’s Brexit plans on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show.

It’s time for Trump to face reality. US productivity does not compete with international markets effectively because of deep-rooted problems, including management, quality and trade unions. And Trump needs to fix obesity and the opioid epidemic too. Americans aspire to German cars because of superior quality.  Perhaps Obama should have let US carmakers go to wall? Let’s not forget that US corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes in Europe.

But Angela Merkel, with her fragile political base, will no doubt be quick to protect the interests of German carmakers.

Against this potential global trade war, Brits are expected to believe Theresa May and her supporting ‘Ultras’ that all will come right after Brexit.


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  1. Dr Alf is correct,Donald Trump is attempting to start hares running with Trade Wars with China and Europe so that he can tell his followers about what he is planning to do to get the “jobs coming back”.
    When he is met with retaliation he will then say that things were harder than he thought they would be,that the Chinese are being obdurate ,that the Europeans are being ungrateful and greedy.
    He will then wash his hands in Pontius Pilate fashion saying that the inevitable impasse is down to others and is nothing to do with him.
    Talking tough to America’s corporate elite and telling them to boldly go to new investment and export markets whilst improving management practices would not go down well thus he is avoiding that difficult conversation or conversations with his voter base to the effect that they need to upskill themselves in order to compete.
    This process will not be easy and could end in tears if as will happen,people have to backtrack and eat their own contradictions publicly.

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