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Boris Johnson must remain an outsider on immigration if he is committed to Britain’s prosperity and wants to cultivate his leadership credentials  

Nonconformity defines Boris Johnson’s public image and wins him much admiration. Now he risks sacrificing this valuable asset to tailor himself for the Tory top job. Fellow Conservatives are ransoming the leadership, pressurising him to adopt tougher rhetoric on immigration. Such a move would surely dismay voters who value his tenacity, an attribute so vital for defending our open economy.

Mr Johnson’s relatively moderate attitude towards migrants is increasingly singular in Britain’s political elite. All the major parties compete in Ukip’s shadow to appear toughest on incomers, especially those from new EU countries. Theresa May, another potential contestant in any future Tory leadership tussle, fears immigration pushes up property prices – something Mr Johnson calls illogical – and backs David Cameron’s aim to supress net migration to…

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  1. If the Coalition are to stand any chance of winning the next General Election they will need to replace David Cameron with Boris Johnson because as things stand Ed Miliband,unpopular and useless as he is,has an electoral advantage with the jerrymandered arrangements we have which give Labour an 11% advantage.
    As long as we remain in the EU there will be nothing that can be done about EU migration no matter what anyone says so the rhetoric and “mood music” is irrelevant.
    Angela Merkel has already said that the main terms of EU membership will not be renegotiated,the Americans on whom we depend for defence have told us privately and publicly not to leave the EU and it is not in the Bilderberger plan either.
    Therefore it will not happen and since there is no-one to renegotiate it,including Boris Johnson ,it will not happen.
    Boris Johnson is the only person capable of engaging with the Chinese and getting them to stump up money for infrastructure and his more grandiose and visionary schemes like Boris Island.
    He has vision and the sense to see that with investment comes wealth and jobs.
    Wealth and jobs will mean that the indigenous population are put to work(those that want to).
    Failure to create wealth and jobs means that foreigners will be blamed for “taking our jobs” even though the poor productivity of the indigenous population is one of the main reasons why employers would prefer to hire almost anyone other than someone native to these islands.

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